medallic award banner

The award honors an artist whose cumulative lifetime achievements in the field of medallic sculpture have been of the highest order.

2022     Amanullah Haiderzad 2021    Paul Huybrechts 2020    Victor Huster 2019    Magdalena Dobrucka
2018     Carston Theumer 2017     Richard Bonham 2016     Bogomil Nikolov 2015    Angelo Grilli
2014     Run Dutton 2013     James Malone Beach 2012     Mashiko Nakashima 2011     Michael Meszaros
2010     Ivanka Mincheva 2009     Merlin Szasz 2008     Jim Licaretz 2007     Jeanne L. Stevens-Sollman
2006     Leonada Finke 2005     Garrett Burke 2003     Ron Landis 2002     T. James Ferrell
2001    John Michael Mercanti 2000     Thomas D. Rogers Sr. 1999     Hal Reed 1998     Gerta Weiner
1997     Virginia Janssen 1996     Edward Steever IV 1995     Patricia Verani 1994     John Everhart II
1993    Chester Martin 1992      Dora de Pedery-Hunt 1991     Eugene Daub 1990     Alex Shagin
1989     Marika Somogyi 1988     John Cook 1987     Michael Jovine 1985     Phillip R. Nathan
1984     Anthony T. Jones 1982     Adlai Hardin 1981     Joseph Kiselewski 1980     Bruno Mankowski
1979     Donald De Lue 1978     Miko Kaufman 1977     Karen Worth 1975     Robert Weinman
1974     Abram Belskie 1973     Gertrude Lathrop 1972     Elizabeth Jones 1971     Ralph Menconi
1970     C. Paul Jennewein 1969     Edward R. Grover 1968     Frank Gasparro 1967     Gilroy Roberts
1966     Paul Vincze
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