31 Jan 2022

2013 US $100 Blue Strip Note

Paper Money-U.S. | AC coin$

One of the main writers of our Declaration of Independence is (as it was in earlier $100s) inmortalized in the $100 FRN launched in 2013. Benjamin Franklin, founding father of our Nation, writer, inventor, scientist, polítician and ambassador appears in the bill with a 3-D strip to his image's right. The note received already further revisions and stronger security updates since issued for the first time.

30 Jan 2022

JFK junior's 1996 Wedding & the Indian Head Nickel

| Well worn Copper

I found an interesting tidbit tucked into a book about JFK Jr. Kennedy's September 1996 wedding made news mainly because it was successfully done in total secrecy. Kennedy chose a barren barrier reef island located 20 miles off the coast of Georgia to get married on. And to help identify possible intruders, each registered guest was given an indian head nickel by security to keep with them at all times. The security detail would therefore be able to challenge anyone at the ceremony or reception by asking to show their nickel. The book didn't go into too much detail, and I wonder if the nickels were all of a certain date or mintmark for added security. Also, it makes one wonder what became of the nickels. Did guests keep them as a memento? Or did many of them eventually make their way into dealer's junk boxes where they sit to this day, along with their secret history?

30 Jan 2022

quick coin catch up

| user_94933

Hello this is my Type collection of twentieth century united states coins book. I have not posted in a while This is a very small half of my collection from 2022. I wanted to post because I still love the coin hobby and I want to share my interests With all of you I will be posting more of my silver coins.Happy hunting to every body!

30 Jan 2022

Japanese Empire Second World War 50 Sen Note

| AC coin$

Japanese currency was redesigned periodically since 1871. During Emperor Shōwa time paper money became colorful and monetary quantifications were revised. The official name of Japan's currency is the "yen". Small notes were issued as part of yen. Here I show an example, a 50 Sen note issued in 1942 and mostly circulating until 1948.

30 Jan 2022

Penny Roll Searching!

Coins | user_25416

Hi!Recently, I decided it would be fun to search through some penny rolls. From my bank, I got $10 worth of pennies (that's 1000 cents) and searched through them. Here's what I found of interest (I will attach pictures at the end):

29 Jan 2022


| Big Nub Numismatics

Photos :https://imgur.com/a/DTGILhdAfter sorting through an old collection compiled in the 60s and 70s that had walked through the door, I was enamored with the old albums they were stored in. I decided I wanted to leave a similar collection. I would buy BU examples that were below my “real” set. MS-65 to MS-67 depending and store them in old Whitman penny boards, wayte Raymond albums, and Library of Coins.Library of coins albums were revolutionary in their day. They predate the Dansco albums(made in the 50s) , but feature the same, if not better, technology. They are also more stylish, having more a book appearance.Meghrig and Green Wayte Raymond books are similar, but they are more compact. They have the same slides as a LOC or Dansco, but only one side is present. These were produced during the same period. They also are known to tone the side touching the album extremely well.Wayte Raymonds are my favorite. They have an absolutely stunning design. I love these. They are far rarer than Danscos, and they are notoriously known for target toning both sides of coins present in the albums after a decade or two.Through a dealer network, I posted a buy order for some albums, but I unfortunately forgot to put a limit on the max number I would take. Much to my surprise I received two huge boxes filled with 70 Library of coin albums, 25 Meghrig green albums, and over 100 Wayte Raymond boards and albums. They ranged from Barber dimes to US mint medals. Most were barely, if ever, used. However, I had an invoice for over $2,000! I set the ones I had wanted aside, but now I find it extremely funny that I have this many albums. I didn’t particularly have any space for them, so they are on top of anything flat in my office. It is quite the sight.So now I have quite the undertaking. Sorting and selling. They’ll eventually be gone, but now quite what I wanted to have 2 grand in at the moment.Hope you enjoyed!

29 Jan 2022

French West African Francs - Special Strikes

Coins-World | mrbrklyn

I had a surprise with a recent auction from Stacks for a French West Aftrican coin. I've learned that if I see an exceptional example of a common coin, you make a heavy bid, because they don't tend to reappear frequently. So, a while ago, I financed for my son an ebay purchase of an FOA set that included an intriguing piece from 1972, a 50 Franc West African States which has a symbolic representation of a sawfish. It was sent into ANACs and graded out as a MS66. It is inscribed with Union Monetaire Ouest Africaine on the reverse and Banque Centrale des Etats De L'Afrique de L'Ouest, with the sawfish. There is a whole interesting history of the Sawfish and West African culture and the species is used for monetary weights. There has been a long write up on this symbolism done by my son http://www.worldofcoins.eu/forum/index.php?topic=51646.0 I thought I was bidding on a single coin. I was surprised to find out that two were delivered, a 10Fr and a 25Fr. Once I had them in hand, I learned these are special mintages, near proof examples of the West African coins, that was never circulated. Why and how they were distributed is a complete mystery to me. That are engraved as ESSAI - which means "test" in French. I had to pour over the Krause to have them identified. I am not certain of the mintage number since the 1957 numbers are publishedE6 1957(a) — 10 Francs. Aluminum-Bronze. KM8. 30.00E7 1957(a) — 25 Francs. Aluminum-Bronze. KM9. 32.00I find it interesting that this design went to the trouble of engraving two smaller fish like thingies on the upper right of the coins, near the word d'EMISSION. I assume they are supposed to be fish, but I am not sure. The 25Fr has a light surface mark on the left of the horn of the truly impressive antelope. It was still graded MS67, and I believe that was the case because strike is so strong. The give away for the strike is the small cross like design element on the sawfish that includes the eyes. It includes a double bar with a space between, It is perfect on this example, and slightly less so in the Fr10 which a cleaner coin overall and received an MS66.http://images.mrbrklyn.com/coins/west_africa/ Both sides of these coins are extremely pleasing. It is nice to not have portraits.

29 Jan 2022

The Purpose of the ANA

Coins | Long Beard

The ANA was founded to promote and protect the hobby of Numismatics. It is an organisation whereby all are welcome who share in the passion and joys of collecting. Whether coins, tokens, medals, currency or script, originating in the United States or from around the globe. On the ANA website there are two places where topics, subjects, questions or comments may be posted for others to read and reply. One, the member blog page and the other a member forum.However, due to an ease of adding images the former seems to be the more used of the two, despite a lack of understanding in the purpose and intent of each. Recently, there have been many repeated postings from membership who clearly acknowledged their intent to collect points. This is not, nor has it ever been, the purpose as to why we are here. They mean absolutely nothing. Posting is not a competition of prizes or status as being better than another. This in no way means that you are limited to a number of postings to share. In fact it's the opposite, they are strongly encouraged, no matter how many or how often. The point is, reflect for a moment as to what you are a part of and why you are here. If you are merely here for points which win you nothing, then you misunderstand why the ANA exists. I know that this topic has been discussed, and commented on, private emails exchanged to the fact and so forth. I strongly suggest that you read the terms and conditions found at the link on top of the page or at the very bottom. The very first being, spam which this behavior borders on. Again, in no way am I or anyone discouraging participation in the blog or forum postings. I read each and every post, and although I do not always comment on them, this in no way means I am not interested or dislike what has be posted. Yet to be told it was posted for points is insulting, not only of myself but the membership as a whole. -Longbeard.

29 Jan 2022

How to become a high ranking member of the ANA

| MercuryDime#

First, making posts(like this one) gets you 35 points. so do collections.following someone gives you 5.

29 Jan 2022

The Gold four Dollar coin(stella)

| MercuryDime#

If anyone could tell me what this is, or send me a pic at my blog, that would be great. this coin is very interesting to me.


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