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31 Mar 2017

A Good Hat

Coins | Pliny The Elder

A good hat is essential. It conveys a message to those around you. It speaks of power and authority. It says both, "I am a fun guy" and "I must be taken very seriously" all in one fell swoop. In ancient times it bestowed divine power, granting authority to rule over others to the lucky wearer. The king must have a good topper, after all. One that screeches to it's enemies and coos to it's friends. There are many reasons to collect coins, one of them is for the hats. Hey, why not? Here are a few hats for you to look at:

29 Mar 2017

Half Eagle Pierced Ear

Coins | user_88313

I've noticed a "pierced ear" on several half eagle coins. Can someone tell me what those are (Die defect? Unique attribute? Coin damage like rim filing?)? Attached is a cropped pic of an 1849 coin but I've also seen it on an 1844 and others.

29 Mar 2017

Three coins, same year

Coins-United States | CoinLady

The cents of 1793 are among the most desirable in the American series. All struck at Philadelphia in copper, the first cents appear on most collectors' want lists.

28 Mar 2017

World Money Fair

Coins - World | stoster1

I'm thinking about attending the 2018 World Money Fair in Berlin. Has anyone gone? If so what has been your experience? What tips would you have for a first timer? How soon did you make your travel/hotel arrangements. Any & all info would be appreciated!!

28 Mar 2017

Anniverary Coin Show

Coins | user_9636

The Las Vegas Numismatic Society is hosting its annual show in May 18,19 & 20 at the Westgate Hotel & Casin; preceded by the ANA's Coin Grading seminar on May 16-17. We are hosting the King & Queen of coins, the 1913 Nickel and 1804 Dollar from the ANA. Please come and join us. Visit our web site for details at: www.lasvegascoinclub.com

28 Mar 2017

How quaint

Coins-United States | CoinLady

The coinage of 1792 can be described, nicely, as "quaint." Some are surprisingly attractive, considering their age and the technology available. And some are not!

27 Mar 2017


Coins-World | Conan Barbarian

you may have heard already but the 1 million dollar coin (face value) worth around 4.5 million was stolen this past week from a museum in Germany. a couple of guys took a ladder to a window went in and then came out with a few million dollars literally!

27 Mar 2017

MPCFest!! Here We Come!!

| user_9073

This coming weekend will be the 18th Annual MPCFest. This is a very different, one of a kind annual event! First it is held in the Holiday Inn Express in Port Clinton, OH. Second this is an intersection of numismatic interest and military interests. About 45 collectors attend. It is hosted by Fred Schwan. Friday is a bourse with about 16 dealers andmeetings by a bout a half-dozen specialty groups to showrecent finds and discuss what they have discovered. The Bourse on Friday is free to the public. Saturday there will be about 30 presentations by attendees on topics that must include military and numismatics.I expect that presentations will be about items like LibertyBonds, Defense Bonds, War Bonds, Victory Bonds, MilitaryPayment Certificates (MPC thus the MPCFest), Allied Military Currency, Occupation coins and banknotes andpostage stamps, chits and tokens and scrip from internment camps and POW camps and concentration camps, ration tokens, and much, much more. . Sunday is an auction of Military/Numismatic related items. Proceedsfrom the auction are used for scholarships to the ANA Summer Seminar to take the Military Numismatics class. Also there is a reenactment of a Military Pay Call. Everyone who participates is paid in MFC, Military Fest Certificates. Everyone also receives a challenge token or two during the event. I always have a great time at this event. The images attached are two that I will be talking about. Participating in the full fest is $250 to $300 depending on your accommodations. But that fee includes two nights in the hotel and six meals.

25 Mar 2017

New Coins


Today, I went to a coin store and purchased a 1942 Walking Liberty half dollar in about uncirculated condition, a 1945-D Walking Liberty half dollar in VF condition, and a 1943-D Mercury dime in VF condition.


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