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30 Apr 2016

Help plz

| ShriekenGriffon

Ok guys, this blog is going to be quick. I am writing an essay for the YN literary awards about birds on coins throughout history. The thing is I need help on finding some coins from the middle/ medieval ages ( circa 500 AD- 1300's AD) that portray birds( and it can be any bird ). If you guys know of any birds on medieval coins that would be great. I have the ancient part done and the more modern coins will be a lot easier but this is what I am having difficulty with. Just please if you can. name a coin and i will do the research. Thanks!

30 Apr 2016

Tradition of Depicting Swastika on Ancient Coins in Asia and Europe

Coins | BT

Swastika symbol, though got a bad reputation when it was used as Nazi symbol, has been an oriental symbol found on ancient coins of Europe and on coins of India in modern age.

28 Apr 2016


| YN Collector

I am a YN collector. Do any more experienced collectors have advice on which books to borrow from the ANA library?

25 Apr 2016


Coins | Mike Burns

Hi my friends I'll keep this short. About four years ago the mint knew the four anniversary coins would be coming out. The silver eagle and the three coin set. Why then didn't they make arrangements to make the three coin set in silver and gold. I have nothing against gold. I think it's beautiful. However all I read in magazine after magazine is we have to get youg people into this hobby if it's going to survive. The Ana has it's own great program for young kid's. Let me ask you a question. How many young people are going to be able to afford this set if they get through. And you know every company has there employees call and order the max. This time it was ten. Make it twenty why not. Congress and the mint and everyone who is included in the decision making is guilty of not making this set in both metals. I personally think it's a disgrace. I have nothing against gold. It's beautiful. These coins were made in silver. Don't tell me there wasn't enough silver that doesn't fly with me. All they had to do was cut back some items and not by a lot. Instead of trying to sell forty million eagles make thirty million. That leaves ten million for the set. They could of made a few sets with ten million ounces. Cut back on the five ounce coins. Not by millions a couple of thousand. This year we have two silver proof sets coming out. The annual and a special silver set. Now I'm not young but what happened to these kids is a disgrace. But everyone says we need more young kid's. Who speaks for them? Don't worry we'll come out with a new quarter. Who speaks out for the regular collector?. The answer is no one. The mint gets away with it every year. I'm tired of it and the friends I have here and else where are tired of it to. All we want to do is what we enjoy. Collect coins. You can't do that today. Not unless you can get through to the mint and have the money. I wonder how many young people would of bought that set. Don't you? Remember it's only my opinion. Mike

25 Apr 2016

I've gone this far...so, where do I begin?

Coins-United States | lawrenceCLANmaclaren

"What coins should I collect??" Undoubtedly, I would think anyone reading this post has asked him/her self this question numerous times...

23 Apr 2016

Mint to Release Gold Mercury dime

Coins-United States | user_42611

I was waiting for the 12:00 pm EST sales to begin and logged on to the US Mint and tried to order it then logged me off so i tried again this time i got farther but again could not complete my order then i made the mistake of calling busy signal. Bottom line i wanted 5 coins but would have settled for 1 and ended up with none. Very disappointed! Later on i called to complain the guy was very nice and told me they had sold out in just over 20 minutes he typed up my complaint and now i am interested to see what the mint says in the e-mail i am supposed to receive. I then went online and a popular COIN Company i did not use the name because i do not know if it was against any rules but everyone see's their adds anyhow they had a pre- sale NGC 70 $419.00 and $319.00 NGC 69 less for certain labels and more for others like black labels. Like my first post these large company's and tv coin shows seem to get a large amount of coins instead of the collector. How do they know how many they will get,one thing is for sure they have a large amount of people working those phones and the money to go with it. I lost this round but hope to have better luck with the Standing Liberty quarter and the Liberty Walking half or "The Walker" Some wanted these to be silver but there are laws that prevent this and in my humble opinion the gold is fitting for their 100th anniversary. The Liberty Head was beautiful example at $205.00 with the fancy OGP packaging. Some thought that was high but it is not often that the US Mint offers a true collectible with a low mintage of 125,000. Have a nice evening and happy hunting!

23 Apr 2016

Anyone tired of the US Quarter programs

Coins | user_5954

Every year since 1999 we have had five releases of the Washington quarter, either a state or national park one. Now it is 2016 and I have to admit I am burned out on the quarter programs. I pray to God that after 2021 we are finished. At least we are done with the US President dollar program this year.

23 Apr 2016

follow up on going ons

Library | CASINO NUT

well yesterday I received the copy of the 2017 mega red book that I had preordered on April 1st from wizard coin supply much bigger then I though it would be much more info then theregularedition from what I have read so far I believe it will be a very useful and informative book that I recommend to all collectors from beginners to the most advanced well thanks for reading andhope you all have good luck in all your collecting pursuits

21 Apr 2016

Mercury Dime 2016 Centennial Gold Coin

Coins | Longstrider

Well, I was able to get through at the US Mint this morning and order the new gold dime. I personally think it's a waste of money but it's a gift. Anyway it didn't go as smooth as the last time. I had trouble with login onto the mints' site. Took a couple of tries. Once there it took 3 tries to sign in. Then 3 tries to pay for it. They lost my saved data, so I had to re-enter it, 2 tries. Then 2 tries to actually place the order. All told about what I expected. Patience is the watch word. After all, it is the US government. Good luck everybody.


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