28 May 2020

Steel penny

Coins-United States | user_90414

This is a certified steel penny that I actual bought on Amazon, and it was bought with my money so it was a pretty cool gift and I bought about the same time I bought my Nazi coin.

28 May 2020

When the Bell Tolls...

Coins | user_77959

So you've collected a giant collection of coins like I mentioned in the last blog post I did on May 17th. Well, it may bring you joy now, but eventually, your time will come (I'm talking literally, so please don't talk religion in the comments section, please). So what are you going to do with your collection? Give it to your kids, sell it to a company, or donate it? The possibilities are endless.1. DonationThis is what Harry Bass did after he died in 1997- The ANA received his collection from the Bass Family, built a exhibit for it, and now it is the showcase of the ANA Money Museum in Colorado Springs. Only thing was, his family got no money out of this. So if you want money...2. SellThis is where things get more complicated. With donation, you specify in your will where your collection is going to go, and thats that. No other hassle. But when it comes to selling, many dealers and companies alike purchase coins, all offering you a different price. To get the best price, don't be the guy who is swayed by a coin company and is cheated out. Also, don't look TOO desperate to sell. This means companies will take advantage of your desperation, meaning they will offer a lower price. Consult "Cash Your Coins" by Beth Deisher, for information.3. Your kidsYes, I said it. The kids we spend a fortune one, and yet we love them. But which one to give it too, my o my! Lets say we have three kids. Kid 1 loves coins and collects with you, 2 has a partial interest in coins, and 3 has none, yet is in rough shape financially. In this case, sell part, give 3 liquid funds, and divide the coins and remainder of the funds among the others.It can be complicated. No one strategy is perfect cookie cutter for all. Choose the plan that best fits your family.

28 May 2020


Coins-World | user_2428

I look for interesting coins to show to the ANA member Clearwater Coin Club, Inc..As a rule I only look for no problem ms62+ coins. I do not want to lose money if I sell them.A Cob coin is a crude coin struck & trimmed by hand from a gold or silver bar.Cob coins were minted for Spain in the Spanish Mints of Mexico, Peru, Columbia, among others in the 1500's - 1700's.I have rarely seen a NGC uncirculated COB!I purchased a King Phillip II Spanish Peru Silver 1577-88 2 reales.1 Side has a Shield the Reverse has a large cross.NGC reg 4438966-013This coin is currently the ONLY known 1577-88 ms62+ Cob coin. 8 Circ coins also exist.I was the 2nd highest bidder! The Highest bidder could not pay up! I paid less than half I was willing to go!Thanks!

27 May 2020


Paper Money-World | Longstrider

Today I have something a little different to share. I've been saving this one and I feel it will tie in nicely with the blog on the US Mint in Manila. As we all should know, the Philippines was overrun by Imperial Japanese Forces during WWll. When this occurred, in 1942, the Japanese issued their own currency there called Japanese Occupation Currency. This was to replace the older pre-occupation money.

27 May 2020

Every Day Is Memorial Day

| Mike B

Hi ! I hope everyone is ok. Im not going to write anything on Memorial Day. You see the coins below say it all . I left of a few. This was tried on Memorial Day because of a frind of mine on the site. So just look and remember. Not just the day but every day. Thats the wy it should be. I left out nine other coins that pay homage to our falen soldiers. The five star generals Eike and many others.

26 May 2020

The Manila Mint: Gone, but Mostly Forgotten

Young Numismatists Exchange | Oobie8984

In the late 19th century, imperialism was raging all around the globe. Minor countries were bound by the chains of major countries for resources, wealth, power, and territory; these minor countries almost never had the means to fight back against their conquerors, so they relied on other countries to help. The Spanish-American War, fueled by harsh imperialism, left a mark in history in several areas - one of which being numismatic history.

25 May 2020

Hey Dad! Introduction

Exonumia | 1943penny

So I am going to start asking my dad random questions about coins. Like were they come from, how they are made, who invented them, etc;My dad, who knows almost nothing about coins has agreed to do this. (be prepared to laugh)So I am going to start doing a four part series on this.PART 1

24 May 2020

A Great Book on the Work of Augustus Saint-Gaudens

| Well worn Copper

I just finished reading John Dryfhout's classic book, The Work of Augustus Saint-Gaudens," which was originally issued in 1982. I had been looking for a good reference manual on Saint-Gauden's sculpture, and after much searching purchased a copy (the book was re-issued in 2008). Without a doubt this is the definitive guide to ASG's work. At 356 pages, it features backstories and photographs of 214 separate works of art by the artist. Numismatists will appreciate it for the seven pages pertaining to SG's 1907 models and sketches for U.S. coinage designs. (Included are the original plaster models of the cent, which later became the $10 gold piece.) Also featured is the Roosevelt Inaugural medal, as well as the 1893 Columbia medal, Washington Inaugural Centennial medal, and particularly the 1905 Women's Auxiliary of Civil Service medal, which was adapted for the 1986 Community Service Commemorative Silver Dollar. ASG also did numerous medallions on commissions, and going through his lifetime of work, makes one wonder how he ever found time to sleep! He also did several grand statues of Lincoln, and it is our loss that ASG never put on in medallic or coin form. He also had a sense of humor, and did medallic caricatures of friends, as well as a medal for his own family dog. Names and familiar faces appear as well. Davida Johnson Clark, who eventually became the basis for the model of the $10 gold, modeled several of his sculptures, and was his mistress as well. Model Hettie Anderson is featured as well, years before she appeared on the $20 gold piece. This is a volume that will now sit among my numismatic library. The 1982 edition was faithfully reprinted in 2008, and interested readers can easily find copies starting at about $5. This is the best book on Saint-Gaudens out there.

24 May 2020

CONECA Contest prize

Coins | JudeA

So today I got my prize for winning the CONECA crossword contest! There was some pretty good stuff in it, and I will be telling you all what I got. The first thing I got was a 1960 D cent that said that if you go to variety vista then you can try to attribute it. I think it is a repunched mintmark of some sort. The next thing I got was a 2001 broadstruck cent certified by PCI, graded MS65 Red. The next thing is a 1984 D cent that is apparently partially unplated. I am not sure if this is an actual error, commet your opinion down below. The last thing I got was a magnifying loupe. It is a triplet with a 10x - 18x and a 20x - 12mm. I will be adding pictures of all these later, commet what you think about these items!


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