30 Jun 2020

First Ever slabbed coins!

Coins | Harrison

Just got my first ever slabbed coins! Got these off eBay it was 26 dollars for both of them. The two coins both grade out as PF69 . The 1987 is the better of the two in my opinion. The 1985 half has one minor scratch but other than that both coins are almost perfect.I have always looked forward to getting graded coins in my collection and I think this was the way to do it!

30 Jun 2020

**Where have all the Coins Gone?**

Coins | Kepi

Hi everyone! I ran across this flyer today and wanted to share it with my fellow "Numi's". It seems there's a bulk coin shortage out there in the land of plenty. With the Mints being closed for business while the virus is still running its course, coins are becoming hard to get in bulk, especially for businesses as you can see with this flyer! Like an old fashioned "Wanted" poster... ; ) Got Coins???

30 Jun 2020

Lucite Encasement #4

Exonumia | Haney

This time I present a piece with a coin from the not so distant past.

30 Jun 2020

Using ANA to the Fullest: What Website Resources Do You Use?

Collecting Tips | I. R. Bama

There is so much to gain from on this website. I have only scratched the surface by reading blogs and commenting on other's blogs as well as writing a couple of my own.I was looking at the ANA Official Blog yesterday and spent a little time getting familiar with the library but I got the idea they aren't loaning books right now because of the virus. Maybe I got the wrong impression on that. There is a book they have I would like to see on varieties of Flying Eagle Cents.What other features do you all use and which do you all not care for much? And, of course, why do you like them or don't like them? What strategies do you use to get the most out of your membership?

28 Jun 2020

One sided coin

Odd & Curious Money | Harrison

This is a 1964 Jefferson nickel with one side. How i ended up with this coin is very interesting. My friend saw a kid with this coin at school. He knew I was a coin collector so he bought the coin from him. He showed it to me and i decided to buy it. I did some research on these types of coins and they can have some pretty high value. It was a hard topic to research because not many people know about these types of coins. I am very happy to own this coin and know that it is very rare!

27 Jun 2020

A Very Good Year

Coins-United States | slybluenote

Back in 1999 I was working for the "Deep State" and didn't realize it, but my life was about to change in a MAJOR way. I generally try to stay away from hospitals, but this particular year I was more than happy to be at this facility. Watching the birth of my daughter was an AMAZING thing! Since she is an only child, I was really concerned about being a good dad! The jury is still out on my last statement.

27 Jun 2020

Large Cents From the North

Coins | Long Beard

Throughout the week I reflect on the hobby, my collection and the reasons why contemplating the next blog topic.My primary focus, while not limited to, is the less common dime denomination of the United States which began many years ago. Thus far I have two complete series by date and mint-mark, the Winged Liberty and Roosevelt while the right 1895o has beeneluding me from the Barber. Having been on the Seated for quite some time, down to 31 of those most difficultlocate,I look to other coins as a means to keep active and not lose interest. So this is how I arrived at the topic for the week, which I think you'll enjoy Moke, the Canadian Large Cent. Enjoy!

26 Jun 2020

ANA Course: Grading Coins

Coins-United States | I. R. Bama

Some of you are aware that I am taking the second course of the ANA diploma program, I've read through the course several times and am confident I know most of the answers, so I am in the review process with this.The best advice I've gotten is practice practice practice and grade a lot of coins. I'm not totally inexperienced with this. On my own, I've gotten confident at keeping it within 10 points. That's pretty easy to come by without learning the finer details. This course is taking it up a notch and I'll be better at this for it.The only thing this course lacks is some structured exercises in grading in the curriculum, Recognizing that I need to do this, I've come up with this to help me learn more. I'm going to take all my slabbed coins and cover up the grade. Then I'll grade them independently and see how I do against coins with established grading. After I get to a point with those where I feel I have mastered it, then I will take a variety of my unprofessionally graded coins and practice on those.After I feel like I have mastered that, I'm going to take some of those coins to my favorite dealer and see where they evaluate my progress.I hope this self designed set of exercises will be helpful to you all who are also taking this course.If anybody has some thoughts on additional exercises that would be helpful, please feel free to share with me!

26 Jun 2020

The Aloha State The 50 State!

Medals | Mike

Well I hope everyone is ok. Hawaii what can you say is that I would.like to go. As you see in some of the pictures below the beauty is unreal. Like any other state they have good and bad sections. But the good is absolutely out of this world. It took over ten thousand years for nature to make these islands of beauty. The best part is it's still growing. It's the only state of the United States located in the Pacific Ocean.. It has 137 islands over 1500 miles.The word Hawaii simply means Hello. Can't get better than that.. The other islands besides the big ones are volcanic islands. The King of the main island was King Kamehameha spoken like this (Kah-May'-HA-May'-Ha). Now if you can say that your very good. The original settlements were made by the Polynesians.They were there for 2,000 years. They settled the islands back in 300 to 600 A.D.. To think these islands were totally uninhabited for millions of years. The Polynesians came from the Marquesas Islands. Hawaii is named after Hawaii's the legendary name of the Polynesian homeland. They had four major gods.Ku,Kanaloa,Lono,and Kane. They Island also had a mythology the, Menehune. They still argue weather these people existed or not. The first coinage was a one cent copper in 1847. It had a mintage of 100,000. That survived till 1900 when they took upon AMerican coinage. The medal itself is striking. It's rare because of a mistake in the spelling of one of the islands. Which I can see happing.. I put site lettering were the mistake is its right between the E in the and A in Aloha. The correct spelling wood be all the letters together. Niimau.. I hope you enjoyed this small blog on our 50th state. The state seal is very impresive. Just look at the detail. The medal is 64mms and 130g. made by the Metallic Art.

25 Jun 2020

Plesant Surprises

Coins-United States | slybluenote

As I have previously mentioned, I purchased a 2009 Proof Set due to the price of the set. When I received it in the mail and opened it, I was surprised to find an extra panel with 5 individual Lincoln cents. Of course this led me to investigate why these cents were added into this particular set. As some of you are probably aware, this was the Bicentennial Lincoln Cent year. Lincoln's birth was 200 years earlier and it had been 100 years since the Lincoln cent was minted by the U.S. Mint.


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