31 Aug 2020

Baptismal Thalers

Coins - World | World_Coin_Nut

I don’t consider myself to be a religious person, more “spiritual”. I know kind of hippie sounding but it’s as good a description as any. I grew up in a semi-religious family and had my share of exposure to stories from the bible.Many coins from around the world have religious themes but my focus is on the coins of the German States. Coins minted before the German unification in 1871. A common image on these coins is the baptism of Christ by John the Baptist in Jordan. I honestly don’t know what drew me to these particular pieces aside from most of them being beautifully engraved.Photo#1SAXE-GOTHA-ALTENBURG 1692 ThalerGotha mint, Goppel-1135, Schnee-502Diameter: 40mmObverse: John the Baptist baptizing Christ in JordanObverse Legend: DIS IST MEIN LEIBER …Reverse: 9-line inscription, large ornament above, crossed palm branches below divide dateSubject: Baptismal ThalerRuler: Friedrich II​Photo#2Harz 1697 ThalerZellerfeld mint; Rudolf Bornemann, mintmaster, Fassbender 2792Diameter: 51.5mmObverse: St. John the Baptist kneeling right, baptizing Jesus Christ standing facing in River Jordan, hands crossed over breast; dove of the Holy Spirit and radiate name of God aboveReverse: Biblical passages in ten lines​Photo#3Hamburgca.16352 ThalerDiameter: 59mmObverse: The AnnunciationObverse Legend: AVE MARIA GRATIA. PLENA. DOMINVSReverse: The Baptism of ChristNote: Ref. G#1586. Prev. KM#F85.​Baptismal Thalers in general are a common theme but there are no issues that are individually better than scarce. Since they are such a popular theme a lot of collectors will find the price point to be unattainable. The last coin pictured is a restrike from the 1970’s that you may find have a more attractive price. You are going to pick them up for anywhere close to spot price but it has a much more attractive price.Photo#41762 Saxony Taler – 1977 Restrikef. Godfather. Baptism of Christ by Johannes d.T. / Engel holds (empty) cartridge, outline. in 2 linesGrade: ProofCatalog: Welter#2192Composition: SilverWeight: 25.17 gThe baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist is a major event in the life of Jesus which is described in three of the gospels: Matthew, Mark and Luke. It is considered to have taken place at Al-Maghtas, located in Jordan.Photo#5Gerard David –The Baptism of Christ, c. 1505​Most modern theologians view the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist as a historical event to which a high degree of certainty can be assigned. Along with the crucifixion of Jesus, most biblical scholars view it as one of the two historically certain facts about him and often use it as the starting point for the study of the historical Jesus.The baptism is one of the events in the narrative of the life of Jesus in the canonical Gospels; others include the Transfiguration, Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension. Most Christian denominations view the baptism of Jesus as an important event and a basis for the Christian rite of baptism. In Eastern Christianity, Jesus' baptism is commemorated on January 6th. In the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion, the Lutheran Churches, and some other Western denominations, it is recalled on a day within the following week, the feast of the baptism of the Lord. In Roman Catholicism, the baptism of Jesus is one of the Luminous Mysteries sometimes added to the Rosary.This is the extent of my collection of Baptismal Thalers but I am sure there will be additions made in the future.

31 Aug 2020

Fond Memories

Coins - World | coinsbygary

Mokie's post entitled, "A New Challenge" reminds me of the many fond memories I have of serving in the United States Navy. His new collection based on the coinage of The Straits Settlement reminds me of Singapore and my visit there. According to Mokie's map, Singapore was once a part of The Straits Settlement. He is also quite correct about the large number of ships that pass in between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean through the Strait of Malacca. Furthermore, a large percentage of those ships stop in Singapore because of its duty-free status.

31 Aug 2020

Large Dollar Coins, Morgan Dollars, Part Two :)

Young Numismatists Exchange | ZanzibarCoins

Hi everyone! We have been out of town for a while, and we had a lovely vacation in Wyoming, going to Yellowstone and Grand Teton (beautiful, the both of them!!). But I'm back now! I hope to, possibly, have two posts today, because I was working on them a little while on the road, but the second one isn't done yet, so we shall see... Anyways, Morgan Dollars part two! The hunt for a designer, a model, and a solid idea for the design! Here we go! :)

30 Aug 2020

Pretty Ladies

Coins-United States | Stumpy

My wife decided about five months ago that she likes the American Eagle Silver Dollars, or as she simply calls them “My Pretty Ladies”, not bad for a gal who never was interested in coins before. I had not quite made up my mind on collecting them. She liked them so much that she researched and bid on some at a couple of on-line auctions. Well, I read the tea leaves, made the supreme sacrifice and now we collect American Eagle Silver Dollars.

30 Aug 2020

Absorbing a Loss through Numismatics and Friendship

| Well worn Copper

Early last month my wife of 37 years passed away due to cancer. Because of this I've been absent from much of my blog activity, which has always been something I enjoyed. Now that things have settled down and I find myself in a writing mode once again, I have a few collecting-related stories to share. A few days before she died, we went over certain things she wanted done with the funds expected from the insurance policies she held. After paying off any debt (mortgage,etc), monetary gifts to our children, and which charities to contribute to, she mentioned that she expected me to buy myself "some nice things" as well. "Nice things" always meant coins. It was how I shopped "for her" every Christmas when it came to picking out something for myself. Although her mind had seriously begun to drift near the end, she still remembered how I had sold off some of my collection (particularly my gold pieces) back when we purchased our 1st home back in 1985. So after a hiatus of many years I now have gold represented back in my collection. I also planned to tie up, or at least come close, to completing my set of classic silver commemoratives from 1892-1954. But after filling in a few holes (Vancouver, Missouri) I found I couldn't' pull the trigger when it came to the 1915 Panama-Pacific half. I never really liked the design, and almost everything I could find had been cleaned, and I have always been unable to purchase a "problem' coin, no matter what it was. So the commem set remains open, along with the3 big guns (Hawaii, Spanish Trail, and Hudson). I also found that despite being able to finally afford certain pieces that I had become just as picky. Nothing I bought was rash, and I still did my homework. What really helped though was having numismatics there when I really needed something to fill the odd and available hours after spending the last 18 months assisting to her needs. Belonging to an organization such as the ANA helped too. And although I haven't been involved with the blog recently, I still checked in and listened to (and enjoyed) reading your conversations. I would have really loved to travel and attend a ANA-related convention as well, but cant' be done, so being back here, with all of you, my "yet to be met" friends, really means a lot.

29 Aug 2020

Hidden Potential and Opportunity

Coins-United States | Long Beard

The subject of this weeks blog discusses the Annual Uncirculated Coin Set, commonly referred to as "mint set", and the little known sub-type within. As appeal for these sets diminish as evident by the sales figures, perhaps a reexamination is in order looking at some true hidden potential. Enjoy!

28 Aug 2020

Review of "Strike it Rich with Pocket Change"

| user_39052

Strike It Rich With Pocket Change by Ken Potter and Brian Allen is an amazing book that can help collectors identify their coins. After reading their book, you will learn how to determine coin's values with their date, mint mark type, and many other factors. You will also learn how to identify coin errors, which sometimes are worth more than even the rarest of coins. The information in this book is a must-know for any collector, and can help you "Strike it Rich" with coins that which many can be found in your pocket change. However, there are a few problems with the book. The book isn't in full color which is an annoyance, and the text is not as detailed as I would have preferred it to have been. Overall though it is a decent book, but I would not recommend purchasing it. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

28 Aug 2020

Review of "The Coin Collector's Survival Manual"

| user_39052

The Coin Collector’s Survival Manual by Scott A. Traver is a great choice for experienced collectors looking for a book chock full of tips and great advice from a professional Numismatist. This book teaches collectors how to buy and sell coins safely, invest in coins, how to store your coins safely, how to avoid scams, tips for Coin Shows, and much much more. Unlike other coin collecting books like Coin Collecting for Dummies, The Coin Collector’s Survival Manual is more tailored towards experienced collectors. I see this more as a positive though, as this means even experienced collectors can benefit from the information this book has to offer. It is written by Scott A. Traver, a former Vice-President of the American Numismatic Association, and it shows as Scott is extremely knowledgeable in the subject. I enjoyed The Coin Collector's Survival Manual very much and give it 5 out of 5 stars.


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