30 Sep 2018

**Big Hobby, Small World**

Coins | Kepi

We here at the ANA are so fortunate to be surrounded by fellow collectors and coin enthusiast whom we can talk to and share ideas with. It's always fun to show off our collections, write blogs and leave comments. When I think of coins I think of the ANA web-site and all it has to offer. It's having a special group of friends with a like hobby. I've never really given it much thought about other people around me in my daily life who might be interested in Numismatics as well. Until the other day.... I had received two copies of the new Kagin's Auction catalog in the mail and decided to bring the extra one to work. To my great surprise two fellow co-workers we're also into coins and currency! Who would have thought! ; )

30 Sep 2018

Flea Market Pickups and I Received my Winnings from the Auction

| Big Nub Numismatics

Earlier today, my family went to a local festival, and I was not expecting to pick up any coins. This festival contained a flea market, and I was eager to look, for any small pickups I could find. Many of the vendors had odd stuff, and some stuff not worth even looking at, but some vendors had coins and stamps, and I awaited looking at them. I bought a few stamps I though were neat, and it included a mint example of a Jim Thorpe stamp, which I was excited to put it with the dollar coin from this year, as sort of a historic package type deal. The coins had a much harder time finding a nice price range. Most of these vendors did not know very much about coins, and the values were ridiculous. ($5 for a 1944 wheat penny???) I grew discouraged, and thirsty, and thoughts of corn dog raced through my mind. Until a very peculiar coin dealer with older German empire coins came about. He had many of them, and a few struck my fancy. Two 10 pfennigs, a 1918, and 1917 both under 250,000,000 minted. with a composition of Iron. I also purchased a 1 pfennig from 1906 which has a mintage of about 49 million. This coin is made in copper. I liked these coins, not only because they were from Germany, but because a large event happened in bot those years 1917, and 1918. World War one. This was a huge event, and affected more than history alone, it also affected the Earth, the families, countries, and thinking. It brought huge amounts advancements in technology, as all wars do, but this was a new type of war as well. Advancements in heavier than air aircrafts allowed for new ways to kill people, what everyone wants in war. one decade of a new technology and it is immediately turned into a killing machine. I am glad I chose these coins, because they are so full of history not the best shape, but they did their part in fueling the war.

30 Sep 2018

NOTICE: Unmarked Cast Copies of Commemoratives selling on eBay

| Well worn Copper

I have discovered an eBay seller offering cast copies of U.S. Commemoratives. These copies are not marked as copies in accordance to the Hobby Protection Act. The seller is currently offering copies of the following Commemoratives: Old Spanish Trail, Antietam, Lynchburg, Patriot, Roanoke and Elgin half dollars. I have submitted a request to eBay alerting them to these listings. The seller is offering "coins' at $11.99 with a Buy It Now option. Please be aware that these copies/replicas/counterfeits (whatever you want to call them) are out there. To the untrained eye they appear lightly circulated.

30 Sep 2018

Numismatic Tools Of The Trade #1

Coins | FortWorthCollector

With this blog for the most part I will be staying away from books and magazines just for the reason that there are so many out there. They are all great and have valuable information that is needed to be a successful numismatist but a Morgan Dollar book is not much use to a large cent collector. So listing a lot of books that not everyone will be interested in or use is not the point of this blog. With that being said I did have to start this blog out with the red book just because it is the main general source of information about U.S. coins. If you are collecting any U.S. coins at all this is a reference that you have to have on your book shelf. As most of you that are reading this know the red book comes in many different versions every year and are always well worth the low cover prices. I myself prefer the deluxe editions as they contain more information overall and every year they focus even extra information on a single denomination. The one in the photos focuses on cents but I am longingly waiting for the dollar version to come out in about three years. For those of us that would prefer not to have to drag an Encyclopedia with us every where we go they also make a regular hard cover and spiral bound edition. They contain enough information that you will be covered in the field but will be missing some more advanced data. If you are currently using the regular edition I would definitely recommend checking out the deluxe edition the next time you see a copy.

29 Sep 2018

A Priceless Morgan Dollar

Coins-United States | JimmyD

I was inspired to write a “how I got started in collecting” post by iccoins’s cool blog on this subject.

29 Sep 2018


Coins-World | Longstrider

So last week I was looking around eBay, something I seldom do, and saw something new to me. A 1982 one ounce silver Mexican Libertad error. I’ve never seen a Libertad error. After some negotiations I am the proud new owner if it. This coin is raw, also something I would never buy from eBay. I am pleased to say it arrived as shown.

28 Sep 2018

The Fun Is In The Hunt Look What We Found in Change!!!

Coins | Mike B

Well hi everyone. I'm not up to par but I will keep this short. We talk about coin rolling and checking piggy banks. And change. Well below is what my wife just came back from the store with. A 1931 S Mint. I saw it and the reverse was red but the obverse was red but not that red . So don't ask me why. It's not a mint state but I don't care I will take it anyway I can . She said the girl behind the register had to open a roll of pennies. She took her change and gave it to me like she always does. I saw the reverse and said a red penny must be new. Turned it over and saw the date and a nice smile came over my face. It's time like this it makes the hobby worth while it really is. It's been a while since I found anything like this. I know the pictures are not that clear but you get the idea. I'm not feeling well and i was to excited to keep from shaking. I don't care what the grade they only made 866,000 of these. So I already made a profit on it. Like I care. The value is what joy the coin gives you. Remember that. We always say collect what you like. I like cents. This is a rare coin and a rare find. I know not everyone checks there change but we made a habit out of it. Over the years I have had some nice ones. Doubled dies all sorts silver dimes most show a beating but this fine with me. This one kept it color but you can see it's been around the block. Now it's not what does it mean to other collectors but what it means to me. And I hope it gets all of you to check your change. Well it's back to bed for me. I just wanted you to know it's not a waste of time. The fun is in the hunt. Keep looking and thanks. Mike.I was looking to send this in to NGC however I know this was found in circulation but I see what looks like cleaning scratches. I don't need the ,, label taking what value it has left away. That kills me. Someone found it and cleaned it on both sides of Lincoln's face. There called hairline anynly appear if you hold the coin a certain way with the light. That's how I learned from Rick Tomaska. You don't need a loop there a group of tiny scrarches. The person cleaning them don't know we're to look or how to.. It's u p to us to look for them or we pay the price. Thanks mikeLation

28 Sep 2018

What Got Me Into Collecting? Part I

Coins | iccoins

Everyone has their own unique story about how he or she got interested in coins and here’s mine. Many years ago, when I was probably around five, my dad bought two state quarter books, one for him and one for me. During this time, whenever he got quarter change, we would look through it to find State Quarters to fill the books. This was before the National Park Quarters, so we would find either generic Washington Quarters or State Quarters. We slowly filled up both books. I was about seven years old when the series concluded. By the time we finished our books, I was probably around eight years old. After that, my collecting run essentially ended.

25 Sep 2018

Best Coin Research Sites

Coins | iccoins

A large part of coin collecting is the research aspect. There is the common phrase, “Buy the book before the coin.” This also applies to websites, as well. Make sure to do your research before buying a coin. This is incredibly important so you don’t pay too much, so you know exactly what you’re getting, and so you know if it’s actually a good purchase, among other reasons. The following is a list of my favorite online coin research websites and the reasons why, whether it be for generalresearch, pricing, or numismatic news. I have not beensponsoredby any of these companies and the list is in no particular order.


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