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31 Oct 2016

Great Deal at Whitman!!! Don't Miss!!!


I'm getting it too!

21 Oct 2016


Medals | "SUN"

I use "Coin Thoughts" for the title of my blogs, even tho this is about a medal, I use the title to cover all aspects of numismatics. I found this medal on the internet and it caught my interest. One thing that caught my eye was the lettering on the medal. It is similar as what was used on the Morgan Dollar, which was first minted the year before this medal. At the bottom of Ulysses Grant's bust is a small incused "M" which stands for George Morgan, the designer of the medal and dollar. The medal is about 25mm made of brass. The inscription reads" Struck and Distributed in The Municipal Parade/ By the Employees of the U. S. Mint/ Phila. Dec. 16,1879. After President Grant left office in 1877, he and his wife took a trip around the world that lasted over 2 years. After visiting China and Japan, the Grants sailed to San Francisco, arriving in September of 1879. They went on to visit Yellowstone National Park (which became the first national park in the United States under the Grant's administration). Grant was a very popular figure in the United States. This medal celebrates his return to Philadelphia Dec. 16, 1879. At this time there was talk of Grant running for another term of President. He was eventually defeated by James A. Garfield at the 1880 Republican Convention.

19 Oct 2016

2017 Colorado Springs Coin, Currency, and Collectibles Show!

Coins | user_58923

2017 Colorado Springs Coin, Currency, and Collectibles ShowIn Association With:The Colorado Springs Coin Club and The Colorado Springs Numismatic Societycscc.anaclubs.org / csns.anaclubs.org*Show Dates/HoursThursday June 22 – Friday June 23: Public 9 AM – 6 PMSaturday June 24: Public 9 AM – 4 PM*LocationMortgage Solutions Financial Expo Center3650 North Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80907719-884-4588 - mortgagesolutionsfinancialexpocenter.com*For More Information ContactKen Byrd Coins and Currency, LLC Office: 719-434-6527 / Cell: 719-641-2700ken@kenbyrdcoinsandcurrency.com

18 Oct 2016

Taking a Look at Bullion!


Taking a short break at numismatics, I decided to get some precious metals to add to my collection.

17 Oct 2016

Tales From the Vault: Money, Great and Small

Tales from the Vault | ANA Official Post | Benstheman

Money as we know it was first conceived largely because its size and weight made it practical. Objects which ancient people agreed were of tradable value – livestock, crops, tools, etc. – were too large for convenient transport, and the emergence of coins simplified what it meant for people to acquire what they needed to live. Featured here are some of history’s largest and smallest currency – in size, weight and numerical value. All objects are on display at the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum.

14 Oct 2016

Estate sale score

Coins-United States | user_15398

I went to an estate sale today and found, buried under a bunch of cheap jewelry..... a 1911 Barber dime, for one dollar, in good condition too.

13 Oct 2016

The American Eagle Program

Young Numismatists Exchange | The Silver Half Dollar

The American Eagle Program contains gold, silver, and platinum coins. American Eagle coins provide investments, beautiful coins, and a way to easily own precious metals. American Eagle coins are not the same as the quarter-eagles ($2.50), half-eagles ($5.00), eagles ($10), and double-eagles ($20). Even though these coins are legal-tender they typically sell at a high premium above their melt and face value combined.

12 Oct 2016

1903 Indian Head Cent

Coins | Longstrider

I would like to show all this example of a 1903 Indian Head Cent. I won this one at a little known, at the time, auction. It is now well known. No more great deals. My photos don't do the colors justice on this cent. It has a beautiful warm, bright shade of red/brown! It's not a rare year as about 85,092,703 regular circulation strike coins were made. I wasn't looking to collect Indian Head cents when I saw this one but I go for what I like and I really like this one. Now I keep my eye out for nice Indian pennies when I see them. Collect what you like and you won't get tired of your sets!! Thanks for looking!

10 Oct 2016

Coin Thoughts #8 from "SUN"

Coins | "SUN"

This blog will be a little different from my past blogs. I just want to say, show some interest in helping out Young Numismatists or someone new to the hobby. A "teacher" or mentor is a blessing to the newcomer. We have all heard stories of dealers and collectors not respecting the "dumb" question or what a person is interested in. This past week I had some grandchildren visiting. They both do archery through 4-H. I saw an archery & lawn mower repair shop in my town. I suggested to the grandchildren we visit it. The 10 year old wanted to go. We get to the shop, and the owner is busy working on a mower. We say we wanted to look at the archery stuff. He say, "Why, the season is over in 2 days." I said, "My grandson likes archery and was looking for nocks for some arrows." My grandson explained what he was looking for, the owner never stop working on a mower, said he had never heard of that item. After crawling over mowers, my grandson saw a salesman sample of an arrow on the counter of what he was looking for. The owner never stop working on the mower, said. "That is made by such and such company. I don't have that." The owner still working on a mower, tells my grandson, to look at a picture book, of the animals that owner has gotten with a bow and arrow. I guess the owner was trying to impress my grandson. I told my 10 year old grandson to tell the story of his state 4-H competition. So, he tell the owner, that he shot 27 bull eyes out of 30 at 30 feet. The owners mouth drops open! So you never know what type of expertise a person has, unless you engage with them. By the way, my grandson made some elongated cents at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Plus he added medals from the Grand Canyon National Park and Cedar Breaks National Monument to his collection.. He even goes to the bank to search rolls of coins.


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