05 Jul 2022

No Grade Designations: What Are They?

Collecting Tips | thatcoinguy

A lot of collectors submit their coins to third party grading services (TPG) to be slabbed and graded. However, a large number of collectors become very disappointed by the fact that their coin was not graded, and came back as a no grade. This blog is intended to help you learn more about what two of the no grades mean, and identify why the TPG gave your coins these no grades. Let's get learning!

05 Jul 2022


Coins | RSchwa57

A couple of weeks ago I made the decision, because the 2022 Eagles needed a home in my storage locations that either:A. Buy Another Safe (Number 5)B. Ask my Lovely Wife to move her jewelry to her SafeC. Clean out All 4 and make roomI decided on C.I had many choices cleaning out the safes. I could sell off all the UNC rolls collected since 1962 and empty 1/2 of a good size gun safe.I could cash at least 5 or 6 bags of Wheaties @ 3 times face and have a nice area available.So, I pulled everything out of all safes. Reorganized everything together for re-entry into a safe. There in the bottom of a safe I have owned at least 40 years was 3 small paper bags. I do not remember putting them in the safe or even buying them. I felt cardboard 2 x 2 holders inside the bag. I stood there thinking what is in here.The short version is the following coins were in the bags. All were in 2 X 2 cardboard flips, no information (Date, Grade) on the flips.Bag #1. (3 Coins) All coins were AG Large Cents 1801, 1805 and 1812Bag # 2. (5 Coins) (1800 1/2 Cent, VF), (1804 1/2 Cent, VG), (1823/22 Dime, AG), and 2 AG 1857 Flying Eagle CentsBag # 3. Only 1 Coin 1878 S Trade Dollar, XF, no chop marksI am still trying to figure out how, where, and/or when I stashed the coins. They were under 2 bags of Wheat cents. Although the coins are not great collector coins. I have 6 NEW/OLD coins to admire and wonder where they came from.

04 Jul 2022

Modern Quarters Of The World Pt. 2

| Eriknation

Hi, Guys this is Eric The Coin Kid back with another blog and today is going to be about the modern quarters part 2. I’ll be talking more about the national park quarters, Washington Crossing the Delaware quarter , and also the new American Women Quarters.

04 Jul 2022

Why We Celebrate

Coins-United States | Long Beard

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Enjoy!

03 Jul 2022

The Nickel Five Cent Coin (From 1866-1938)

Coins | Coin Keeper

The conflict of the Civil War caused Americans to take many coins out of circulation due to their silver and gold content. This made coins hard to come by, so the mint tried to solve this problem by printing fractional currency. They soon attempted another possible solution. The Act of May 16, 1866 allowed the production of a five cent coin made out of nickel even though there was a coin of this denomination (the silver half dime) already in circulation.

03 Jul 2022

Authenticating rare dimes

Coins-United States | Russ

Hello, ANA. I need some help.I am going through a collection from a friend of mine and have located what I believe to be a 1916-D Mercury dime. The edges are worn smooth, but under magnification I caught what I believe to be a "D" Mint-mark. I hope you can help me know if it is real or not, like die markers or things like that.P.S. Here are some pictures of the coin in question:P.S.S. I used some filters to enhance its appearance, to make the high points and things stand out, but I included a picture of the unfiltered dime from afar as well, along with an up-close unfiltered one as well.

03 Jul 2022

Hints for Newer Collectors

Collecting Tips | RSchwa57

I know that at least 1 organization uses a slogan "Be Prepared".A few tips gained over the many years in the hobby.1. Have an objective in mind you want to achieve, if possible.2. Carry a Grey Sheet, not a Red Book. Make sure the dealers see you are holding the Gray Sheet. You will probably get a better deal.3. Always look at any purchase before purchasing with a loop or magnifying glass.4. Coins that are black, corroded, or damaged should not be saved in most situations.5. Cleaning coins is never recommended, however, if necessary, the least harmful cleaner is acetone. 2nd is ammonia, and finally a dip as a last resort.6. Any item marked .999 silver, 10 MIL, is plated. Anything marked MIL is plated.7. The Grey Sheet has a "Bid" and "Ask" price for most coins. Bid is generally thought of as the price a dealer somewhere is willing to pay. The Ask is what a dealer is willing to sell for. Very rare coins can go over both "Bid" and "Ask". Very common coins can both be below "Bid" and "Ask'.8. If looking to buy Silverware at a YardSale or garage sale, it must be hallmarked with STERLING or .925. If neither, there is a 99% chance it is NOT SILVER.9. TV, printed media, and telemarketers will push MODERN coinage in PR or MS 69 and 70. Therefore, most people think they are valuable. Most MODERN coins do grade MS or PR 69 or 70, so they are not rare. The average MONSTER Box purchased from the mint will grade 55% MS69 and 45% MS70. Anything other percentage would be out of the norm.10. What makes a COIN RARE? Low mintage combined with low survival rate, high quality, and FINALLY, demand for the item.Just 2 cents worth of learning the hard way over many years.

02 Jul 2022

1936 Wisconsin Territorial Centennial Classic Commemorative Half Dollar

| CheerioCoins

This is my second blog on a 1936 Classic Commemorative coin. I really love commemorative coins from 1936 and decided to research them and make an exhibit about 1936 Classic Commems. There were a total of 16 commems minted in 1936 that were only minted in 1936. So, enjoy this blog about the 1936 Wisconsin Territorial Centennial Classic Commem!

01 Jul 2022


| Russ

As I come back out of the shadows, I would first like to say I have not given up on coins, as they still interest me. I got caught up with school and friends and things and never really thought of getting back on here. Lets just say I'll try to post some blog Ideas I've had but never gotten around to, as well as some more stories.

01 Jul 2022

Tales From the Vault - The Markoff Collection

| ANA Official Post | Benstheman

"With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right.” –From Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, March 4, 1865


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