17 Jul 2019

The Very First Coin I Purchased and a New Toy!

Coins-United States | coinsbygary

Recently I bought a new macro lens for my camera. The lens is a Laowa V-DX 60MM F2.8 Macro 2:1. Now I know I already have a macro lens but if I am ever going to take my coin photography on the road, I will need a much more versatile lens.

16 Jul 2019

San Francisco "Grease Bars"

Coins-United States | Silver Ingots

100 oz class silver ingots produced by the United States Assay Office San Francisco are fairly common; most have no markings and are the true "grease bars" with only the weight marked in grease pencil. Early productions were hallmarked, serial numbered and stamped with 999 fineness. As time passed and demand increased, production ramped up and markings fell by the wayside. The U.S. Treasury Department letter pictured, announces the reduction of fineness to .996 and .998 as of November 1, 1967. The ingot pictured is a very rare .998 example with hallmark.For more information on grease bars, check out SILVERINGOTS.COM

16 Jul 2019

2019 National Coin Week design contest

National Coin Week | Andy Dickes

July 20 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. 2019 National Week honored this achievement by focusing on discovery and invention, and received some great responses to a design contest for a U.S. commemorative coin from 50 years from now in 2069.Here's an interesting submission from ANA member John Johnson about a silver dollar commemorating the first contact with an alien civilization:US Mint Press Release:25th Anniversary of the First Contact with an Alien Civilization Silver Dollar ProgramOn July 1st 2044, the radio telescope at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico picked up the first identifiable signal from an alien civilization. Dr. Hana Johnson, University of Central Florida, and lead astronomer at the Arecibo site, recalls that day during a recent interview with Nasa News Reporter, Emory Blaidsdeall. "It was about 4:30 AM when one of our grad students, Rebekah Craft, rang me up and told me a very unusual broadcast was coming from the vicinity of Alpha Centauri. I threw on some clothes and drove quickly to the telescope site."Upon arrival, I noted that an obvious mathematical proof was being broadcast continuously along with other signals clearly coming from an intelligent species. Over the next few months, we were able to decipher additional mathematical proofs and we were able to send our own signal back. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) has now turned into Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CETI) and our ability to understand our Alpha Centauri friends continues to grow."The US Mint and CETI are proud to introduce the Silver Anniversary of Extraterrestrial Contact with a stunning new Commemorative Dollar. The Obverse of the Dollar shows the Arecibo Dish with signals arriving from distant Alpha Centauri, the dual date 2044-2069, Liberty, and In God We Trust. The Reverse of the First Contact Dollar shows the control room of the Arecibo site with Dr. Johnson sitting at a terminal listening intently to the sounds of first contact.

16 Jul 2019

Update On 1877 Trade Dollar

Coins | Pat

Hi everyone. Well today was the day mankind left the earth for the surface of the moon. Did we think we could do it.? We did and we completed the greatest mission in space. But this is about an update on a coin I wrote about four months ago. All the information about it is in that blog. When I wrote it the coin was raw and I just found it in my safe. It has been there many years. So when I bought it I did get a good price. I didn't know if it was real it weighed out ok. But I did contact someone in the ANA and asked a few questions. His reply was it's so nice to see a real one. Now I believe in updating my blogs when I get new information. This coin was heavily used. I didn't know weather to send it in. So I asked he said yes I would. There rare and you should make your money back. That I don't care about. I bought it because I liked it. So after a while I decided why not. I did it the cheapest way as far as fees are concerned. So if it went to NGC. I waited and waited not knowing what to expect. Maybe a good four or better. When I received it back it was graded an XF 40. I was surprised. Shocked. Never expecting that high a grade. So I decided to write the blog in May but I also believe in any update I get for sending it away. Those who commented on the original blog plus the new members since deserved to know. Many times I have left comments I'm sure you have to. Keep us updated or when you get a picture put it up so we can see it. A picture is half a blog. You can see what the writer is talking about. As I have said many times sometimes we don't know what we have. I knew the coin. But value to me if you have read my blogs is not in the Red Book or what will it be worth in ten years. It's about collecting and the learning I get. It makes me feel good . It brought me happiness years ago and now that it's found and protected I feel very good. My sons will enjoy the money value. Meanwhile I get to enjoy it all over again. So check before you send a coin away when your not sure. Now it's home and safe I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you. Pat

15 Jul 2019

How to Tell Apart New (Shin) and Old (Ko) 1 Mon

| Eikyu Tsuho

See more articles athttps://www.eikyutsuho.tk

15 Jul 2019

2019 election results

| Dollar Guy

I would like to thank all the ANA members who logged in or mailed in ballots for their choices for the Board of Governors or Officers for the ANA for voting. It is my understanding that there were more votes cast this year percentage wise than in recent membory. FOr that I thank you the members of the ANA!Rick EwingLM 6498

15 Jul 2019

Coin Book Review, The Coin Collectors Survival Manual, Revised 7th Edition

Young Numismatists Exchange | ZanzibarCoins

I want to post this book review to let you guys know about a fantastic numismatic book. This book is called "The Coin Collectors Survival Manual, Revised 7th Edition." It is by Scott A. Travers, and it is fantastic. The New York Times called it "One of the most importantcoin books ever written." It is 402 pages long, with 16 pages on top of that number of full color images of certain special coins.There are sections in the book for absolutely everything you need to know about coins. From Collecting Coins Profitably, to Reading a Coin Like a Book, to Grading, Cherrypicking, Shows, Dangers of Buying Coins on the Internet and by Mail, Selling your coins, Securing your coins, Protecting your coins, and more. There's also a helpful glossary, and index, and there are also several helpful appendices (Value Chart for U.S. and Canadian Silver Coins, Value Chart for Commonly Traded U.S. Coins and World Gold Coins, Specifications for American Eagle Silver and Gold Bullion Coins, Internet Resources, and Calamity Insurance: Gold Coins as a Safe Haven). There are the 16 full colorpages photos of coins, but all throughout thebook there black and white photos of coins that the author either references, or uses as an example to prove his point, for whatever he is talkingabout in that particular chapter.This book also holds a special place with me, because this book was what led me to the ANA and the YN group. I read the entire book, cover to cover, and, on page 260, a section called "Youth Programs" began. I read it. It was all about the YN program with the ANA (I read this book for the first time, cover to cover, when I wastwelve...) :) and I was instantly hooked on the idea. It gave glowing descriptions of the many fun things to do with the ANA and the YNs, and the many educational opportunities, that sounded like a lot of fun. So, thanks to this book, I went on to www.money.org and looked at the YN section. A little later, I sent in a report card and joined the ANA! This book was what introduced me to the amazing world of the ANA, and because of that (among other things that is, there are lots of other things in the book that also make it qualify), it is one of my all time favorite coin books.I highly suggest this book for anyone out there who wants to: Expand their knowledge about the hobby, learn great tips and tricks for both buying and selling coins, just have fun reading both interesting stories, and insider knowledge, or people who are just starting out with the hobby and want to learn as much as they can. This book has something for everyone out there in the coin world.

15 Jul 2019

The Wild West and Its Inspired Coinage, Part 7 (Pearl Hart, John Wesley Hardin, Clay Allison, and more!)

Young Numismatists Exchange | ZanzibarCoins

This is blog post number seven in the Wild West series. What I'm going to do to wrap up the series, is two posts, each of which will have a few facts on the people, that way it isn't that much history. :)The series has been focusing on a set of 23 JFK half dollars that have had images of "the most famous Wild West figures in the world" color screened onto the obverse of the coin. Colorizing coins involves a unique application of special inks directly to the surface of a coin using a unique and painstaking process, that achieves a level of detail, color saturation, and durability that is #1 in the industry.The color screening was done by the Merrick Mint, which is said to be the leading Mint when it comes to color screening coins. The coins are legal tender, although why anyone would want to spend them is beyond me... :) The set features prominent figures in the history of the Wild West, from the greatest outlaws in American Western History, to the first female African American postal carrier in the United States. The coins have a beautiful quality to them, even if some people do not like color screening, these coins do do the process justice. Each image on the coins is styled like an old wanted poster that has been hung up on a wooden wall with knot holes in it. The wooden walls have faint outlines of cacti on them. On the "wanted poster" in the middle of the "wall," at the top of it are the words "WILD WEST" in red letters. Above the words "WILD WEST" are four tan stars. Below the words is a picture of whatever outlaw or famous figure that is being featured on the coin, and below their photo is their name, whether that be their given name, or their outlaw name. The pictures of the people are actual pictures of them, therefore they are either black and white, or brown on darker brown. The only coin that differs from this description is the one on the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. This one has a full color image of the O.K. Corral, and the four gravestones of the men who died in the gunfight. It has tan stars all around the upper left edge of the coin, and then below the stars it says "GUNFIGHT AT THE" in white cursive script, below that, in the same red font letters as the words "WILD WEST" on the other coins, it has the words "O.K. CORRAL". Below those words, it says "OCTOBER 26, 1881, TOMBSTONE, ARIZONA" in white block letters. So those are the coins, described the best that I can because I don't yet know how to post a photo with my blog post (sorry). Hopefully those descriptions help you picture the coins in your mind. :)This blog post is going to feature Pearl Hart, John Wesley Hardin, Clay Allison, Jim "Killer" Miller, Geronimo, Fred Waite, and Jesse James. (Some of the "bios" will be longer than others, if they are really famous outlaws that have a lot of things to condense) :) So let's start with Pearl Hart:


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