28 Nov 2022

Do Yqou Believe Were Alone?

Coins | Mike

How is everyone doing? You have herd the question a thousand times. I watched a show after the football game. It was on aliens. Now I knew there was an area 51. We all know that story. Did you know about area 52? Well there is one in Nevada. What caught my eye is a family driving along a road took a wrong turn. They herd a large voice telling them to get out of the car with hands up! There was are kids. ...What the government didn't know is this terrified family standing there was being filmed. It seems the gentleman doing the filming had discovered this area 52 A few years and watches it all the time. He has seen some strange things. And the people of the town and soldiers. He was shown by a soldier a bunch of guys . Be hind them a flying saucer. ...Now to Canada. I believe they have had more sightings because of there night sky. You can count the stars. Now in 1996 Canada had its greatest sighting of a U.F.O. It happened on the Klondike highway. Very close to Shag Harbour. It is know as the worlds best documentedU.F.O. case. Witnesses were R.C.M.P.officers. Scores of fisherman and air line pilots flying at 33,000 feet Flashing lights moving at fast speeds Then it crashed into the water 300 feet triple the shore. At about 11: 20 a glowing orange sphere the size of a city buss slipped below the surface without a sound and it left an orange foam. They searched for days and found nothing. Five months before a man looking in the woods for a sphere his name was Stefan Michalaks. This was in 1967. He got to close and the ship emitted a gas. He shirt and chest were burned. Now the Royal Canadian Mint did a coin that glows in the dark. The dementioms are on the C.O.A. . it comes with a card in memory of the Queen. And a flashlight. A black light this way you can see what the witnesses saw. Now its not great taking a picture of it. I like turning out the light and seeing the most beautiful coin I have seen in a long time. Are they out there. You bet. Your talking about thousands of people around d the world. I think the one viewing in Brazil with six ships in the sky was the largest viewing and the video you can't explain. This does back in our country when the ships crashed and bodies reportedly were found. The woods were sealed off not a wrap to indicate this occurrence. That debris was taken to arena 51. And the rumors started. Now an area 52 were there developing weapons from the ships in area 51. ....Think about it.To me there is just to much documented video and witnesses. And they all have seen the same thing from different angles. I do not believe we are alone. There is just to much. I did not believe it until I found out about area 52. There is just to much security. Threatening to shoot a family down. The little girl will never forget that. That's a shame. What do you think?

28 Nov 2022

Swedish Coin Auction Catalogues

Coins-World | user_32599

My late father was a collector of Swedish coins. He also collected Swedish Coin Auction Catalogues. While I don't have any of his coins, I have about 7 boxes of old Swedish Coin Auction Catalogues. Probably 300 - 400 in total. These go back to 1870 though most are from the last 50 years. Many of these have beautiful photos of the coins, occasionally in color. Almost all are in Swedish (not English). There are also a few reference books, some of which are in English.I think this collection of auction catalogs would be a great reference source for any serious collector.I can't bear to toss these out and I am hoping there is some collector of Swedish coins out there who would take these off my hands. Obviously for free. I would be willing to deliver them myself if you live in Southern California. I would prefer someone to take the whole collection (not cherry-pick the good stuff).Email me at terrymwelsh@hotmail.com if you are interested.

27 Nov 2022

More Unrealized Value

Coins-United States | Long Beard

Last week's blog topic pertained to finding rarity and value far exceeding that of what we as collectors first think of on that subject. Low mintage, low survival high grades of world coinage comparative to similar coins of the United States. The subject of this week is a continuation, finding value which all too often is right before our eyes. The Prestige Proof Sets from 1983 to 1997. Enjoy!

27 Nov 2022

63rd Annual ISNA Coin Show

Coin Shows | World_Coin_Nut

The 63rd Annual ISNA Coin Show is quickly approaching. See details below.Here is some good news. We are sold out. No tables are available currently. This is a nice mid-sized show that draws national dealers to Indiana.This looks to be a good show, based on dealer attendance. Hopefully, you can make it to Muncie to check us out.Reminder, we will once again be holding our popular youth auction on Saturday morning. Get the kids there early for the scavenger hunt. The auction will start around noon.The 63rd Annual I.S.N.A. Coin ShowDecember 2nd & 3rd, 2022Horizon Convention CenterDelaware Hall Room 1401 S High StMuncie, IN 47305FREE PARKINGFREE admissionFREE youth auctionDoor prize drawingRaffle prize drawings24/7 security provided by MPD officers​Public hours: Friday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (one way traffic begins at 5:30 p.m.)Saturday 10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. (one way traffic begins at 4:30 p.m./ raffles and door prize drawing @ 4pm)Youth auction: Saturday – 12:00 pmYouth Scavenger Hunt starts at 10 amDealer hours: Thursday - 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.Early bird hours: Thursday 2:00 p.m. – 6 p.m.​Dealer/Early bird hours: Friday - 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (one way traffic begins at 5:30 p.m.)Dealer/Early bird hours: Saturday - 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (one way traffic begins at 4:30 p.m.)​

26 Nov 2022

December, 7, 1941 The Date That Will Live In Infamy

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. Yes I know I am writing blogs allot. There is a reason for this its my health. I write this blog every year. So you will remember that dark day that is coming this holiday season. Yes just a few weeks before the Holidays and Christmas.Always new information . .....Now many Americans think that we didn't want go get involved in the war. The real reason is that the President and his cabinet didn't want to get involved in foreign affairs.Now our secretary of state was involved with peace talks with Japan. Japan didn't want us involved in the east . They wanted no blockacdes of goods coming into there country. Politics is what they call it! ...There was a 14 page message coming from Japan to there ambassadors over a period of time. On Novemver 26 the secretary of state gave the Japanese our final statement.At 1 p.m. on December 7, the Japanese asked to see our secretary of state. They didn't arrive till 2:05p.m . Received at 2:20p.m.. ..They were there with the answer of the November 26 statment. Now we cut to the chase. The Japanese had a list and the third one was they demanded Oil. Sure we would give it to them to carry on war with China.They were shown the door. Now I want you to take a good look at the pictures below. Everyone. That's politics for you. Over 3,000 men woman and children dead. You will see battleship row. Lucky our aircraft carriers were out to see on maneuvers. There is a person of color . His name was Doris Miller stationed on the Nevada!. He's receiving an award from Admiral Nimitz the Navy Cross. The coin shows a man at an anti aircraft gun. He had no training. As a mater of fact no people of color received anything. Yes the Navy did not actively recruit them. They took care of the food ,shinning the offices shoes. Cleaning there uniforms. But Doris grabbed the gun and started shooting. His Capitan was hit and he brought him and others to saftey. Now that's a hero. And for the first time in the modern Navy people of color got there respect. He had a frigate named after him. He was killed not much after the attack on a small aircrafrt carrier in the south seas. As I write this the worlds biggest most technological aircraft carrier is being built. It will be massive and completed in a few years. The name of the ship. The U.S S.Doris Miller. Now carriers are named after Presidents. This is the first time ever a carrier is not being named after a President never mind a person of color. He broke many barriers until his death. But the biggest was making the Navy one. Now there active in every part of a ship tin can mine sweepers. He did it all saved lives and saved the Navy. Now his actions can be seen in the movie Tora Tora Tora. ...So now you have the readers digest version! But never forget the people who lost there lives. And we didn't want to get involved with foreign affairs. Its men like Miller who was 24 when he died that makes this country great. Remember Pearl Harbur.And look at the picture of the Arizona. They say a drop of oil comes to the surface every few minutes. The sailors entombed sending a message don't forget us!! And we won't. They will not let us forget! There is a black mark pointing to the ship The Nevada look at the map yo can see were he was!

25 Nov 2022

1960-D Lincoln Memorial Cent

Coins-United States | AC coin$

AC's Secrets #25We will never be at odds with the 1960 Denver struck. LINCOLN Memorial Cent. Why? Because whether large or small minted date the fascination for this specific coin is unstoppable.There is a myriad of errors or pergaps I should say, opportunities in this coin shown here and many of its minted similars for this year. Whether is a larger tip #9 on the date or an oddly miscut in the #6 for the date area or even some features that might have been escaping even the most keen eyes in the market or collector's exchanges.The great sample shown here is a MS65 RD graded coin. Part of my American coinage acquisitions. Shiny in copper-zinc quite a large quantity were minted by Denver in 1960. Collectors and curious alike keep trending and hunting this cent for specific oddities yet to be found. At auctions, some great items of this coin have been sold for quite a large sum. Enjoy and, keep searching.

25 Nov 2022

The December Numismatist 2022 I Was Published.

Tokens | Mike

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!. Now get ready for sandwiches!! Last October I had a member telling me to submit an article to the Numismatist. I kept saying no. Well he was very persistent. So he told me what I had to do and I sent it in. It took Mr. Caleb the editor of the magazine to email me one day. He informed me the article was very good and they wanted my permission to to print it!. He asked if I wanted to get paid or donate the money. I donated it to the yngs. This blog is different than other. It tells collector's what they should do to get published. It can help. And ask me questions!! I was schocked. They were going to publish my article! I had pictures to take. So my friend Mokie said Gary (coinsbygary) was a professional photographer. Now I had to send him the five tokens. I was a wreck mailing these. They are one of a kind part of Peter Kempsons Tokens of Coventry. I would not be able to get another of each. They came back I was so relieved. Gary Herman did a fantastic job. Remember these are from 1797.

24 Nov 2022

Indian Head Pennies

Collecting Tips | user_32028

Indian Head pennies are both scarce and affordable for the average collector in grades from Very Fineto Extra Fine except for a few dates 1877 etc. And for someone who wants to collect AU to UNC it becomesa bit more expensive but not impossible. My advice is when you are purchasing bronze Indian Pennies andyou have the choice of Red or Red/Brown sight unseen it is usually more economical to go for the R/B andalso often times the R/B will even look more attractive because often pure Red Pennies will have carbon spotsor flyspecks that might distract from its attractiveness. Even though they are more scarcer and worth more.Indian head pennies minted from 1859-1864 were copper nickel and from 1864 to 1909 were bronze. A collectorcan also collect proof issues of Indian Head Pennies too with the 'color' the same as Mint State coins.'

24 Nov 2022

1988 Canada Quarter

Coins-World | AC coin$

The Canadian Dollar, with banking code CAD$, is the currency of Canada. Its features in both coinage and paper-money mostly render honor to the British Monarchy, even though Canada is a free country. The monetary tradition keeps the Royal Canadian Mint and other financial entities observant of the British currency standards when it comes to design and printing or engraving the national currency. The issuance of monetary items in Canada though are launched in a different value of the British currency, is also tied to the design features of the United Kingdom when depicting the ruler of the British throne. This is why, the depiction of late Queen Elizabeth II has evolved thru time in the Canadian currency as well as the rest of the British allied commonwealths.A beautiful Canadian Quarter, this 1988 coin features the late Queen's face on her 35th year at the throne and a well known symbol of the Canadian "Caribou." Enjoy!


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