02 Aug 2014

Welcome to the new Money.org

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Welcome to the brand-new Money.org website. Here are a few things you should know about your new website: 

  1. There are three types of pages on the website: Pages for Members, pages for collectors and pages for everyone. ANA members who are logged in (please note the Login button at the top of the page) can see everything on the site, including some cool features just for them, like the Virtual Collection, a searchable database of the coins in the Money Museum's collection. Collectors are website users who have created a login but have not taken the step to become members. The Collectors can access features such as the Dealer and Club Directories. Pages for everyone are open for all. 
  2. Members can earn points (be sure to check your spot on the leaderboard) and badges for participating in website activities. Write a blog, take a quiz, participate in the forums, and you could soon find yourself atop the leaderboard. And you'll earn some fun bragging rights along the way for your efforts. 
  3. Over on the events pages, you can find listings for coin shows and other numismatic happenings, as well as information on ANA events. 
  4. Be sure to check out the How-to section if you have any questions on how something on the website works. 
  5. Lastly, let us know what you think. Leave a comment below or email us at feedback@money.org
Enjoy the new site! 



Level 4

We hope you like the new site. There is a lot more to come! We had a great team, and we managed to get the website launched on schedule (before the Chicago WFM show) and under budget (a little money saved). Please post suggestions to the web site forum (http://money.org/forums/website-how-to), and create your own articles / collections - and share your knowledge!


Level 4

This site has exciting content, and ANA member services, and the ability for people to post questions and articles (blogs, forum posts). We are busy bringing a great deal of ANA assets online to help fulfill the ANA’s mission for numismatic education. We already have an enormous amount of the museum’s numismatic assets online for viewing (http://money.org/money-museum/museum-collection), as well as a virtual tour (http://money.org/money-museum/virtual-exhibits) of the now removed Civil War exhibit that was previously only visible if you visited the headquarters in Colorado Springs. You can walk around and examine it online now - in a way that I found to feel very much like it did when I was privileged enough to visit the museum Colorado Springs. I’m glad the exhibit is now preserved for all time and easily accessed. With the new systems in place, the ANA is very busy bringing more assets online. The Numismatist will eventually all be digitized (and searchable) online. We hope many people will find the website worthwhile. People are encouraged to register in order to interact with the website and post to the forum or create blogs. Registering is free. ANA members are able to login and manage their membership online (set preferences, pay invoices, etc.). Of course, people can register to be ANA members online too. One forum that might be interesting for a challenge is http://money.org/forums/what-is-my-coin - we encourage people to post images of coins that puzzle them, and we encourage people to “earn points” by helping people in the forum with identification information or ideas. We will find ways to recognize people who earn points. I expect to do something to recognize people at the NMS in Portland March 5-7, 2014 in additional to online recognition.


Level 4

You'll find the exhibits at http://money.org/money-museum/virtual-exhibits (Menu: DISCOVER > MONEY MUSEUM)


Level 2

Where is the exhibit information?

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