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01 Jun 2017


Exonumia | Longstrider

Here for you to enjoy, I hope, is a 1925 Norse American Medal-Thick. I have been lusting after this medal for quite a few years. I was never able to find an example that I liked and could afford at the same time. Well my luck held and I found this at my regular coin dealer this last weekend. Now I love my guy but he isn't cheap. That's O.K. 'cause I know it and he gives me tons of knowledge and advise and some other perks.. For some reason this medal was in my price range and grade a MS 64. Well above a grade I hoped to obtain. The medals were struck to commemorate the anniversary of the Restuaration, which brought Norwegian immigrants to the United States a century earlier. The medals came in different sized planchets, thick and thin. There were also some made in gold but most gold ones were melted down. The thick ones have a mintage of 33,750. The medal was designed by James Earle Fraser in .900 silver. My example also has a bit of toning that didn't come through on the photos. Looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks for looking.