19 Feb 2017

Jefferson nickels

Coins | Jim

I have some from the 60's, but not sure if they are worth keeping.

17 Feb 2017

Getting started

Coins | CoinLady

Everyone has their own personal story of getting started in numismatics. I became interested at age 11. My grandmother gave me 2 silver dollars for Christmas. One was a 1921 Morgan, the other, a 1922 Peace. I was intrigued because the coins were dated only a year apart, but had different designs. This was an era of circulation finds, when clad coinage was still new and silver coins were found in change.

16 Feb 2017

Black History Month

News | ANA Official Post | ANAStaff

This is part of a series celebrating Black History Month by 2016 Numismatist of the Year John Kraljevich. Visit his website at www.jkamericana.com.

16 Feb 2017

An underappreciated sculptor

Coins-United States | CoinLady

Isaac Scott Hathaway designed two US commemorative coins: the Booker T. Washington half dollar, minted from 1946-1951; and the Washington/Carver half dollar, minted from 1951-1954. He was an outstanding artist, sculptor, and educator.

15 Feb 2017

New coins

Coins | CoinLady

It's mid-February, and I still haven't seen any 2017-dated coins in change. I go shopping, eating, and visiting book stores quite often, and check every coin that passes through my hands. I look forward to finding my first 2017-P cent. They are turning up here and there.

15 Feb 2017

The Mint in Springtime

Coins | Mike Burn

Hi!. This is the time of year I like the best from the U.S. Mint. They have already released the quarter silver set. But I'm still a kid at heart. I can't wait for the mint set's,proof sets,silver proof sets so I can update my books. Yes I still keep my books up to date. I like them to come out early so I can fill my books up and then buy what I want. Like Boy's Town. I think that coin will do well. Why there not selling them in a set I can't tell you. But what Boy's Town did for thousands of kids is a big part of American history. What Father Flanagein did for for these kids is a great part of our history. I don't remember but I think he said ' There is no such thing as a bad boy'. I hope I got that right. There will be other commens. Looking forward to see what they look like. The first gold coin with a person of color will be coming out also. I also hope that sells well. But to get back to the sets. I don't care if your young middle age or old like me I still love putting coins in those holes and filling up those albums. That's why I want them to continue. The yn's don't have access to a lot of money but they can buy those sets and start books. That's why there important. There the future of this hobby and they need coins to collect. What better way than putting sets together. Or just collect the sets. It's important to everyone they continue. I know there are people that want to stop some sets. Do that and you will loose the future of this hobby. It's not like the Mint is going broke. Not by a long shot. So buy some sets. Keep the hobby going. It's fun and it keeps collectors. This hobby is supposedly about fun let's keep it alive. Thanks for reading this I think it's important. Mike

13 Feb 2017

Coin Show #2

| Conan Barbarian

i went to my second coin show this past weekend and purchased some really cool coins. I got my first 3 cent piece (1865) and a few silver dimes ($1.50 each [great deal!!!!!]). i also got a few buffalo nickels and now i am almost complete with the later years of the set. another item that i got was 2 war nickels and 2 1939-P and S jeffersons (about $1 each). over all i had a blast at the show talked with some of the dealers that i have met at the last show and can't wait for the next show. i am trying to go to other shows but this is one of the only shows that have convenient times and is not to far away from my house.

13 Feb 2017

rarest coin

Coins-United States | Conan Barbarian

i recently acquired my rarest coins yet, by that i mean the coin with the lowest mintage. this coin is, as you can see in the picture, the 2009 satin proof cents (P and D mints). the total mintage for each of the 8 coins was 784,614. (the 2 2009 nickels from the 2 mints also have the same mintage). before these coins my 1996-W dime had the lowest mintage of about 1.5 million and my lowest circulated mintage coin is a buffalo nickel with the mintage of a little over 4 million. it is a great start and i am thinking on focusing on a small or short series soon and acquiring the best possible from that set (like V-nickels, silver roosevelts, or ikes)


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