21 Mar 2018

Silver Stacking Walking Liberty Half Dollars and more

Coins | Kenny

My dad purchased some 90% for his silver stack. As always, I like to go through the coins to see if any might have some numismatic value over melt. Here is my video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-3won5XVNM

20 Mar 2018

Coin Club Find

Coins | user_45311

Attending my coin club meeting tonight, one of the members gave me a bag of coins, when I had gone through about 1/2 of them, I found a 1894O Barber Dime! AG/G but a great find for free!

20 Mar 2018

** Where Is My Collection Going? **

Coins-United States | Kepi

While on my coin collecting journey I've had to put some thought into what the heck am I doing... Where is my collection going? I think after awhile maybe we all have to ask ourselves a similar question. My collections venture into a lot of different areas. My favorites Mercury Dimes and Buffalo Nickels. From there collecting crazy bullion designs that caught my eye for one reason or another. Old stuff, new stuff... Now I've been into Civil War Tokens and Currencies. What next??? I know we have all said "collect what you like" and I believe that to be very true. So with that I have decided to add one very special piece to my collection each year...Something that I have always wanted, admiring from a distance and has a real numismatic value, history and desirability. Something serious for some serious $$$. An investment coin perhaps??? Yes! This is a great idea! So for 2018, I choose a 1955 Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Obverse, Graded AU58 by PCGS. To top it off my little beauty has a CAC sticker too! Now at this point I could list all the specs and history about this coin, but that's not what this blog is about. I guess I just want to say "buy what you like". But also think about the future of your coin collection, the pleasure it can bring to you now and the rewards later. Coin collecting *IS* an investment. Especially to our YN's. Try to collect the very best you can and you'd be surprised the outcome! I really enjoyed writing this blog and hoped you enjoyed reading it as well. Comments are always welcome. : )

20 Mar 2018

The most meaningful coins

Coins-United States | CoinLady

Many coins are meaningful to collectors. The great circulation find, a top grade silver dollar, the Buffalo nickel that completed a set. Maybe you treasure the coins that Grandma gave you when you started collecting, or a coin Dad left you.

20 Mar 2018

Construction of the Eisenhower Memorial in Washington DC

Exonumia | DrDarryl

Construction in progress. Planned dedication is the 75th anniversary of D-Day (June 6, 2019). Read about it at http://www.eisenhowermemorial.org/# I made a small contribution (name on contribution page) in the construction of the memorial.If you look carefully at the animation https://youtu.be/Z1gxhh0jUe4 (time 1:58) you will see a plaque in the shape of large medal.

19 Mar 2018

The Trip to Texas

National Money Show | HollyDay

We drove from Missouri to Irving Texas to visit the ANA hosted National Money Show there. The reason we went there was for my sister's presentation.She also did a display. I felt bad for my sister because she did not get a prize. It took eight hours to get to our hotel. And on the way there I watched Garfield. The hotel we stayed was a really good deal that my dad found. They served free breakfast and dinner. And the hotel was thirty minutes away from the coin show. When we got there I bought two things on the first day. A proof set from 1974 and a gold plated quarter. I also did the ANA trivia game and walked around asking the people at the booths for the answers to the questions. Some prizes that I got a Ronald Reagan one dollar coin in a really nice case I also got a foreign coin and a neither dollar coin. The next day I got a fake gold coin for ninety cents. And I spent six dollars and ninety cents over all. Which is 13 chores for me. I brought thirdly dollars and sixty cents to the coin show. The next day I got nothing. We went to the coin show every day and stay there two hours, then we got lunch, and then went back to the coin show .And then go to our hotel room and then every one watches TV for two hours and then dad sets a timer for thirty two minuets and when the timer went off we went to bed and almost every night we went to bed at nine O'clock.

19 Mar 2018

The National Money Show in Texas

National Money Show | The Paginator

This year my family went to Irving Texas for the National Money Show. The main reason we went there though was because I did a money talk on World War II Emergency currency and I put a display in on Kennedy half dollars. The three World War II currency's I talked about were the Victory Note, North African Yellow Seal Certificate and the Hawaii note. It was a new experience for me so it was a little scary. Although I earned 250 YN dollars for doing it so that was the best part! I didn't get any awards for my display but that was OK because it was my first time and a learning experience.

17 Mar 2018


Tokens | Longstrider

Today I have a new token acquisition. As you can see below, it is a 1795 Great Britain Halfpenny. I like to collect tokens and coins with bee hives or Druids on them. This token has both. Nice find if I do say so myself. I’m very new to tokens so all mistakes are mine. The Obverse,?, shows a druid head facing right. Around the edge is written CURRENT IN THE COUNTIES OF. It has the date, 1795, below the Druid. The reverse has a old world style beehive in the center with bees flying around it. The hive is sitting on a stand on some grass. Around the edge is written INDUSTRY HAS IT’S SURE REWARD. There is what looks like a flower in the center edge. Around the outside rim is inscribed: CAMBRIDGE BEDFORD . AND HUNTINGDON . X . X


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