21 Feb 2018


Exonumia | Longstrider

Today I am going to put up something entirely new to me. I am trying my luck at studying Civil War Tokens and Store Cards. Be gentle as I am just starting my studies and research. As you can see in the photos below, I am working on this 1863 Civil War Token. It is confusing to me as the dies that could have been used on both sides of the same token were used on tokens and store cards. The front of the token can be found on page 141 of the newest edition of Civil War Tokens and Store Cards. Second edition. It is Patriotic die 210. This side of the token features the Flag Of Our Union with 13 stars around it, the date 1863 and the Phrygian cap of freedom.

20 Feb 2018

Pride surrounds Sacagawea dollar's majesty

Coins-United States | Prospector

The Sacagawea dollar coins represent one of the most beautiful modern coins. Glenna Goodacre's artists depiction of Sacagawea, a young Native American Shoshone with infant child Jean Baptiste has excellent eye appeal. The reverse an eagle soars majestically into the field of the coin. These original issue coins are beautiful unlike the Presidential and subsequent Native American coins which have a $1 on the reverse, Sacagawea (2000-2008) have One Dollar on them. Unfortunately, the mint was forced to do this most likely, since many people confused the original Sacagawea dollar coin for a different denomination. I like the denomination written on the coin as opposed to a number. I probably will start a collection of the original issues (2000-2008) but not the subsequent ones.

19 Feb 2018

Presidents' Day

Coins-United States | CoinLady

On Presidents' Day, it's good to remember the many issues featuring US Presidents. There are the everyday coins, such as the Lincoln cent, Jefferson nickel, FDR dime, Washington quarter, JFK half dollar. There's the entire series of Presidential dollar coins that was recently completed. There are many commems, classic and modern.

17 Feb 2018

**Beautiful Blue**

Coins-United States | Kepi

Hi Everyone, Just a short blog tonight as I wanted to share with you my latest addition to my toned Mercury Dime Collection! This one comes from an auction I recently won. It is a 1942 Mercury Dime or "Winged Liberty Head". Graded by NGC as a MS62. Unfortunately no Full Bands, but to me the toning makes up for that. It shows amazing blue, violet and orange tones on the reverse... While the obverse is more golden. There's something about these Mercury Dimes from the 1940's that seem to really tone beautifully, more so than other dates. Any ideas on why this might be? I hope you enjoyed my blog! Any comments are welcomed! Please note that scratches are on the holder...not the coin.

17 Feb 2018

Historical and collectible stocks and bonds

Stocks & Bonds | Prospector

Historical and collectible Stocks and Bonds compliment coin collecting really well. In fact it is a segment of the numismatic field of collectibles which isn't mentioned very much. The hobby of collecting historical and collectible stocks and bonds is called scripophily. Scripophily was invented by taking the word scrip and philia, a form of brotherly love, otherwise known as the hobby of the love of scrip "scripophily." It's a fun hobby to be a part of. You can collect a game board set which includes various Railroads from the "Monopoly" game. There are old game board sets and new ones. Alternatively, you can collect a set of Americas Greatest Corporations with their respective histories in an album with protective page holders for your historical and collectible stocks and bonds.

17 Feb 2018

How the first bankers (goldsmiths) created money

Exonumia | Prospector

The goldsmiths as early bankers provided safekeeping services for the gold bars and coins that was held in their vaults and made a profit by charging vault storage fees. In return the goldsmiths issued "deposit receipts" for the gold placed in storage. People would take these deposit receipts back to the goldsmith whenever they needed gold to buy something. So the buyer paid the seller in gold then the seller placed his gold in the vault at the goldsmiths office for safe keeping. Eventually everyone soon found out that it was easier to use the "deposit receipts" to buy something. Thus the "deposit receipts" became the first notes.

17 Feb 2018

Las Vegas Numismatic Assoc. Coin Show

Coins | user_9636

The LVNS is hosting its annual coin show on May 18-20, 2018 at the Westgate Resort Casino Hotel located at 3000 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV.

17 Feb 2018

Recent pick ups

Coins | Kenny

Here is a video from a recent purchase to one of my favorite coin dealers. Began going to Mr. Charlies almost eight years ago. I try to go to his store every Friday evening.

17 Feb 2018

Time To Start Checking Your Coins!

Coins | Mike Burns

Hi everyone how are you. Well springtime is coming which means our coinage will start to be released. To me it's an enjoyable time the weather gets nice you go shopping and keep all your change in your pocket. Don't buy anything with change if you can help it. You won't know how you did until you get home. I mean the luster of the new coins is a tip of. But it's the new error coins I will be looking for. Who will find that first doubled die? I hope one of us that find it and if you do write about it . Don't expect the flood gates to open and the economy get flooded with all the coins. We know the mint has a schedule I don't think they know. Had to get that in. There are always delays nothing runs like clock work and that's the fault of congress. We still don't have a permanent director of the mint and right of the bat that's a problem. I hope whatever commens come out are decent they have been poor. They will be released. The important thing is not to pull your hair out. Unfortunately it's according to there schedule not ours. Either way they will be released. Mr. Harper reported that the first cent was reported found in change yesterday that's a good sign. After that Conan reported finding a cent so they have started. So keep your eyes sharp and your loops ready because I think this will be a good year for error coins and I will be looking for them. So the flag has been dropped start looking. And lots of luck to all. Mike.

16 Feb 2018

First 2018 coin

| Conan Barbarian

i just received my first 2018 coin (as seen in the pic) and i was very upset that the mint did not continue with the mint mark design and now we are left with the plain cent again. i think many collectors loved the addition and wished for it to stay and maybe, just maybe, as the year progresses and more collectors see this deficit the mint will add the mint mark back and we will have 2 varieties. but that is highly unlikely but still fun to think about.


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