25 Apr 2018

2013 $10 Low Serial # Star Note

Paper Money-U.S. | Jason Crook CPA CFE LLC

Hi Numismatic Community! Lately I've gotten into the habit of checking my serial #'s of paper currency just for fun! Also a cost effective way to collect some neat bills.

24 Apr 2018

Numismatic Library Suggestions and Questions

ANA Library | NumisMATist

Ok, so I have made my account and can check out books! YAY! But I need some tips on what to check out and have a few questions.

23 Apr 2018

Red Book Review

Library | NumisMATist

For my first book review, I will do the basic numismatic book that almostevery numismatist has; the red book! This book is updated yearly and is published by Whitman Publishing. I would definitely, one hundred percent recommend this book to any collector, beginner or advanced. This book has info and price info for EVERY US coin ever produced (excluding some errors and varieties.) This book has all of the basic info to help collectors understand the coins they have and want. It also has price info to help prevent younger collectors from being ripped off. If you have one of the better versions of it, the book has colored, beautiful pictures of every coin described in it. On top of the regular US coins, it goes in-depth into pattern coins, territorial coins, colonial coins, tokens, Hawaii/Territory coinage, and much, much more. For SURE if you are a numismatist you NEED this book.

23 Apr 2018

Two good finds

Coins-United States | CoinLady

Good bookstore day. Found "100 Greatest Ancient Coins" at Half Price Bks. Someone didn't want it? And look what I got in change...the first 2018 cent...bright and blazing.

22 Apr 2018


Coins | Mike Burns

Hi every one how are you. Today I just want to write a small blog but it had a very big impact on our history. Now please make sure you click on the pictures so you get the whole thing some of you don't know that. Shortly after the assassination of our beloved President John F. Kennedy NGC decided to make a holder that would hold two coins. And the two coin set was that of two great men. Benjamin Franklin and John F. Kennedy. Now Benjamin Franklin did not get the full run of his set because of the tragedy with the President. They rushed the coin into production and after they started making them they showed the to his Wife. She shocked everyone and said I don't like his hair do it over. Immediately production stoped thus was created the accented hair. They were already into circulation and everyone wanted one. That was not to be. The new design was out and what was done was done. I think a coin should of been made but I also believe Benjamin Franklin should of received his just run. This man traveled back and forth from country to country looking for allies against the British. He also had many successful inventions. I think the idea of putting these to men together celebrates there life and our history. One in the past and one in modern day. For President Kennedy achieved great things in his short life. How about world piece. Cuba and Russia. He stood up to both of then. You ever wonder what could of been?I I have. If you look at the coins there is history all over them besides the great men. The liberty bell and our famous eagle on the Kennedy reverse. Now I know sets like this are put together. But to match up two proof 67 coins in a set like this is special. I only wish I knew the mintage?

22 Apr 2018

Thoughts upon a Chain cent

Coins-United States | CoinLady

During a visit to my favorite coin shop, I spotted a Chain cent. Not spectacular Mint State, mind you. This old copper coin was well worn and a bit scruffed up. The edges were not perfect and the color was that tone you see on older coins that have been out in the world. The grade was Fine and that may have been generous.

21 Apr 2018

All The ANA YN Programs!

Young Numismatists Exchange | Jonas's Coins

As many of us know, the ANA has tons of activites for YN’s. Today we will be looking at these different activities and all the different things YN’s Can win, receive, and earn! These activities include The Dollar Project, The YN Auction, The Early American Copper Coin Project, The Ancient Coin Project, Coin’s For A’s, The National Coin Week Activity, and a couple of other programs. Let’s start looking!


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