Board Activities

Board meetings attended since the 2015 World's Fair of Money: 5


MAR 4-5th. Dallas, TX-  BOG Meetings.

JAN 9th. Tampa, FL-  ANA Strategy Meeting.

JAN 8th. Tampa, FL-  ANA Board Team-building Dinner.

2015 - BOG           

DEC 10th.  Board Conference Call.

DEC 9th.  ANA Conference Call with Finance Committee.

NOV 19th.  Board Conference Call.

OCT 26th-NOV 1st.  Attended On Boarding and Board Meetings in Colorado Springs, CO. Prepared and delivered 3 presentations.

AUG 14-15th.  World's Fair of Money Board Meetings.

Educational Efforts
Please summarize any educational efforts here, including: teaching, running a Scout Clinic, lectures, presentations, etc. 


FEB 26th.  Tinley Park (Chicago), IL- Met with Illinois Numismatic Association to report on ANA programs and assist in clubs development.

FEB 14th.  Met with Board of the Virginia Numismatic Association to report on ANA Activities and potential ANA support of Annual Convention.

Articles authored:

Articles published in The Numismatist: 
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Articles published on the ANA Blog:
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Articles published about the ANA at other outlets
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Club Meetings Attended



Attended annual Virginia Numismatic Association annual conference.


Early American Copper Coin Collecting Workshop with scouts.


New England Numismatic Association & Nashua Coin Club - YN Program.


Met with Wilmington, DE Coin Club on Summer Seminar opportunities for adults.



13th. Attended and spoke at the TSNA Board meeting in Chattanooga, TN on ANA matters.

14th. Attended and spoke at the TSNA General membership meeting in Chattanooga, TN on ANA matters.


2nd. Attended NCNA Board meeting in Greensboro, NC and spoke on ANA matters.

3rd. Attended IASSAC Board meeting in Greensboro, NC to swear in new officers of International Association of Silver Art Collectors representing ANA.                           

10th. Met with leadership of Tidewater Coin Club in Virginia Beach, VA.

16th. Met with Past ANA President attending the NUTS convention in Salt Lake City, UT.

 23rd. Attended and spoke at the PAN Banquet in Pittsburgh, PA.


3rd. Met with leadership of Central Ohio Coin Club in Dublin, OH on ANA matters.

12th. Met with leadership of PAN and Kevin Flynn in Gettysburg, PA on ANA matters.

15th. Met with PNNA officers in Portland, OR on ANA matters.

25th. Attending VNA banquet representing ANA and met with leadership in Fredericksburg, VA on ANA matters.

Development Efforts
Development efforts since August 14, 2015:

Monetary donation to the ANA: Yes
In-kind donation to the ANA: Yes


Professional Training & Development

Professional Training & Development

Development  Committee -Chairman Activities


MAR 19th-22nd.  Boston, MA- Attended AFP International Conference on fundraising.

MAR 7th.  Washington DC- AFP seminar: "What You Need to Know About Overhead, Impact, and the Changing Landscape of Charity Oversight."

MAR 3rd.  Dallas, TX- Legacy Program Dinner with vendors employees and 2 other BOG's.

FEB  21st-23rd.  Review and re-write of ANA Donor Acceptance Policy.

FEB 18th.  Washington DC- AFP seminar:  "Creating a Foundation for Fundraising Success: Donor Relations, Stewardship and Engagement."


DEC 2nd.  Teleconference for new AFP members of AFP DC Chapter.

NOV 8th.  Met with past President and ED of Association of Fund Raising Professionals on ANA development plans, Washington, DC.

 OCT 25th.  Held first meeting of the Development Committee presenting immediate goals. Colorado Springs, CO.

OCT 25th.  Met with Olympic Development people to explore the Colorado Springs chapter of Assoc. of Professional Fundraisers for ED. COS.

OCT 23rd.  Phone conference with Officer of Association of Fund Raising Professionals. Joined the National Organization and local DC Chapter.


Election Statement
After his retirement from active duty at the Pentagon Colonel Steven Ellsworth has been a full time Numismatist and Dealer as the principal owner of BUTTERNUT Coin, Clifton, VA.
He enlisted as a private and retired at the rank of Colonel. His assignments ranged from commander of Army Green Berets to an overseas Joint Service Command and Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff of the Army. He holds diplomas from the National War College, Army War College, National Defense University, and Command and General Staff College. He has a Masters degree in Business, Certificate in International Business, Bachelor of Science in Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Politics.

His numismatic service and awards include being an ANA Seminar Instructor from 2000 to Present, previous Membership and Finance Committees, three ANA Presidential Awards and ANA Outstanding Regional Coordinator. Exhibit Awards from Colorado, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. Literary Awards from the ANA, Michigan State, South Carolina and Tennessee State Numismatic Associations. 

COL Ellsworth has served on the National Silver Dollar Roundtable Board, 2002-2013. President of the Virginia Numismatic Association. Eastern States Numismatic Association Board, ANA Regional Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic States and has been a contributor to “RED BOOK” since 2002. 

He is a Life Member of the ANA, ANS, Alabama, Blue Ridge, Civil War Token Society, FUN, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Silver Dollar Round Table and Virginia Numismatic Associations. He is an active member in Early American Copper Club and Texas Numismatic Association.
His Security articles have been published extensively for over 16 years in keeping security awareness a priority for collectors and dealers in The Numismatist, Numismatic News and in over 18 State and National journals to include his annual article "Best Secured Coin Shows" since 1998. His personal collecting interests are Large Cents by Sheldon and Newcomb dies variety, Hard-Times and Civil War Tokens.

If elected he would like to help create a long-term development and gifting program for the ANA, continue to assist in education programs and to keep our hobby fun.

In accordance with ANA bylaws, each candidate for ANA office must furnish a biographical sketch and platform, not exceeding 350 words in length, for publication in The Numismatist. 

Members Recruited
Members recruited since August 14, 2015: 22