numismatic trivia quiz

Enjoy Trivia Night at Your Next Club Meeting

With these downloadable quizzes, you can test the numismatic knowledge of your members and talk about the stories behind the coins featured in these quizzes. 

Simply download a copy for each participant and see who can answer the most questions correctly (the answers are also included in the download). Your club may even want to offer a prize to the winner(s).

Hint : You may wish to distribute the quiz a month in advance to give time for your members to think about the answers.

Scroll down to find the following quizzes:

  • The Wonderful World of Money: Parts I & 2
  • Numismatic 20 Questions
  • Women in Numismatics
  • Quiz of the Month: Jan-Dec

world map made of coins The Wonderful World of Money

Test your general numismatic knowledge and see just how much you know about the hobby.

world map made of coins More of the Wonderful World of Money

If you didn't get enough the first time around, check out part 2. 

20 questions graphic Numismatic 20 Questions

Test your knowledge with these short-answer questions covering a wide range of U.S. collecting interests.

1878 morgan dollar obverse Women in Numismatics

How much do you know about the great women who have appeared on currency? Put your knowledge to the test. 

1804 capped bust obverse January

January 15th is National Hat Day. There are many examples of coins that feature a hat as part of their design. Your mission is to list the members of a “Hat Type Set” by finding the correct answers to the clues below. 

dollar sign formed from musical symbols February

Many popular songs contain a reference to money. A few songs contain a lyric that lists a specific coin. In this exercise you will read a lyric and then be challenged to name the song title and the performer. 

old drawing of people March

As most numismatists know, the Eid Mar denarius commemorates the death of Julius Caesar at the hands of Brutus and Cassius. It is safe to say that even though the profile of Brutus appears on the obverse of the coin, the coin is associated as much with Julius Caesar as it is with Brutus himself. This activity involves leaders who experienced untimely deaths. Your task is to determine the currency and subject that the clue is alluding to.

"tartaruga" and turtle on coin April

As a numismatist, you know that animals appear on paper money and coins. Based on the hints, your job is to locate the animal design that appears on a particular piece of money. 

1967 british penny May

This quiz will test your knowledge of pennies, cents and several other single denominations. Have fun and remember that one is the loneliest number that you will ever know. 

flag day graphic with u.s. flag June

The United States celebrates Flag Day on June 14. To successfully complete this activity, you will need to identify the money that the clues refer to. All of the money will contain a flag of sorts within the design. 

dice and poker chips July

July 26th is All or Nothing Day. It is a day to celebrate extremes. Since All or Nothing Day celebrates extremes, this activity deals with very small and very large denominations.

"votes for women" on striped flag pin August

Women’s Equality Day is observed annually on the 26th day of August. On this day in 1920, women were guaranteed the right to vote when the 19th Amendment was passed. This month’s activity involves identifying women portrayed on money. 

image of the mayflower on paper money September

Mayflower Day commemorates the date on which the Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, England, to America. On Sept. 16, 1620, 102 men, women and children left England for Virginia. The Mayflower itself was most likely sold as scrap in 1624. This month’s activity involves identifying money that contains a ship as part of the design.

$5 bills with portrait of bald man October

Everyone knows that October is the month in which children and the young at heart dress up in scary costumes and consume massive amounts of candy. Did you know that the month of October is famous for those of us with receding hairlines? That’s right; October 14 is Be Bald and Free Day. This month’s activity involves identifying designs on money portraying people with little or no hair.

drawing of earth encircled by various methods of transportation November

Nov. 22 is Go For a Ride Day. Money is filled with transportation images. This month’s activity involves identifying designs on money portraying methods of transportation.

skyscrapers made from paper money December

National Roof Over Your Head Day is Dec. 3 and is a day to appreciate the shelter we have that keeps us warm and dry. This month’s activity involves identifying designs on money that shows buildings.

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