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Level 5

I had no idea this coin existed! Thanks!


Level 7

Hi! Pictures are nice but if you don't have the equipment don't worry about it. I wrote tons of blogs until I learned how to use my tablet and I survived. Don't going spending hundreds of dollar's because of a picture of of a coin. Spend that money on your collection! Mike


Level 5



Level 5

Hmm - the site says the blog has been removed.

Dollar Guy

Level 5

Okay I looked at the die crack that you posted on the site. Shooting through a loup is at best iffy. Assuming you have access to a digital SLR you can get plus lens attachments to the front of your lens in the +1,+2. and +3 and get a whole lot better image. Also is you happen to have a 52mm Ø out there is a Nikon Super 8 movie camera attachment that gives you +8 magnification. Try it you may like it.


Level 4

I do need a better camera...


Level 4

Love to see one message me when you post.


Level 5

I love die cracks as well! Even if I have a total of 0 in my collection!


Level 4

Okay, posting pictures on Money.org is a pain in the neck... I ya' want to see the die cracks (and other stuff) you can check it out on my blog on Google+: http://cointiquities.blogspot.com/


Level 6

Die- cracks are too cool!


Level 4

I love die-cracks!!! Please post a picture or two!

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