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17 Apr 2013

Southeast coin clubs prep for National Coin Week

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Written by: Tony Swicer

Editor's note: Tony Swicer produces the ANA Region 4 Club Newsletter, which serves Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. In an effort to better share ideas for membership drives, programming and activities, The Exchange will re-publish club news from his newsletter that will be of the greatest interest to other clubs across the nation. To subscribe to Swicer's full newsletter, email him at swicer@comcast.net


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April 21-27th is National Coin Week, what is your club doing to celebrate?



Madison County Coin Club had Bob Jaques speak on "NORFED Money".



Brandon Coin Club had 40 members at its last meeting. Its first show of the year was March 30.


Casselberry Coin Club will be competing in National Coin Week. Its program was "Evolution of the American Dollar Coin" by Bob Hawes.


Central Florida Coin Club has a booth at the Central Florida Fair for two weeks. The Spring show is April 5-7. YN Spencer Kahn will be going to the ANA Summer Seminar for winning the FUN YN scholarship. BJ Neff presented "It is a Double Die, is it Not?, Part 2".


Daytona Beach Coin Club had David Strckikowski speak on "Mystery of the 1928 $10 Bill." Bob Hawes exhibited early Washington coins and tokens, mostly from the late 1700s.


Ft. Lauderdale Coin Club had a program on "The Magic Thaler" by Stan Klein. He told how the thaler evolved into today's dollar/crown size coins. Harvey Bastacky spoke on "Franklin Half Dollars" and how to assemble a nice collection.


Ft. Walton Beach Coin Club had 69 present at its meeting. The program was "Scarce American Gold Coins," such as the $50 slug, Pan-Pac $50 and a brief history of gold in the U.S.


Gold Coast Coin Club went over "US Mint errors & varieties"  and "Detecting Counterfeit & Altered US Coins."


Greater Jacksonville Coin Club had a club "Mini-Show" on March 11. ANACS accepted coins for grading at this meeting. The YN meeting featured the Buffalo nickel.


North Lake Coin & Currency Club had Robert Haire of Masters Numismatic Services speak on "Grading Coins," followed by a raffle, 50/50 drawing, and the auction.


Ocala Coin Club had Tom Palmer speak on "The History of Morgan Dollars."


Palm Beach Coin Club had Richard Spencer exhibit and speak on "MS-65, Full Bell Line Franklin Halves." Eighty-five people attended the meeting.


Sarasota Coin Club had 53 at its last meeting. The Spring coin show was a big success. The March meeting was a dinner meeting at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse. Ben Todd presented "What was Hot & What was Not."


South Brevard Coin Club opened the doors early for a mini-bourse. Tim and Stan spoke on Morgan Dollars followed by a grading exercise. Two members brought in GSA Carson City Dollars to show. Jack Lane is working on a new flier to promote club membership and highlight what the club has to offer.


Tallahassee Coin Club is preparing for its coin show April 26-27. The club is expecting more than 40 dealers from the surrounding states. There will also be a silent auction at the show. Contact hemanth.vasanthaial@gmail.com for further information.


Titusville Coin Club had a report on the foreign coin challenge from the YNs.  The club had an all-silver raffle, pizza, and the auction.


Treasure Coast Coin Club had its annual Awards Banquet at River House. Guest speaker Bob Leneve spoke on "Coins of the Southern Confederacy."


Venice Coin Club had 27 members in attendance. Bart Bartanowicz and Neal Burnett did a program on "Grading Washington Quarters" along with type B Washington Quarters. The night concluded with the auction.


West Hernando Coin Club had Brian Vaile, co-author of "Collectible IKE Varieties, Facts, Photos, and Theories." He spoke on IKE varieties and had books for sale.



Augusta Coin Club had Arno Safran present a program on "US Coins of 1860." There were two show-n-tells, a 17th century medal and a 2013 proof set of National Park quarters.



Lower Cape Fear Coin Club had a show-n-tell, and 21 people were present at the meeting. Final preparation is under way for the Azalea Festival Coin Show in April.



Stephen James CSRA Coin Club elected new officers as follows: President, Steve Kuhl; VP, Pat James; Secretary, Jim Mullaney; Treasurer, Chuck Goergen; Sgt-at-Arms, Jim Sproull. Eight members presented show-n-tells.


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