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17 Oct 2013

Watch the entire World's Fair of Money in 3 minutes

News | ANAStaff

Written by: Jake Sherlock

Rob Kelley is the assistant editor for The Numismatist and a professional photographer. He also had a really cool idea a few weeks before the start of this year's World's Fair of Money - he wanted to create a timelapse project that would show how a convention center hall is transformed into the biggest numismatic show of the year and then torn down again. 


To do this, he stationed a camera in one of the upstairs conference rooms in the convention hall. He turned it off each night (which is also when he'd swap out the batteries on the camera), then he'd turn it back on the next day. The camera sat in the same spot for the entire duration of the World's Fair of Money and the ANA/PNG Pre-Show that preceeded. 





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