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15 Mar 2015

This coin comes from Russia

| Antonio

Very interesting coins from RussiaI do not have it but it seems quite interesting to reveal pasamju.



Level 5

Russia seems to be into new patterns and bullion. Many coins are both. Many bullion pieces are massive as well. One of the most expensive numismatic items on eBay is a set of 50 1-Kilogram Silver Coins, all with different interesting and unique patterns.


Level 6

Very nice coin. Thanks!


Level 4

That is a cool design!


Level 5

That is a good design!



Level 5

Actually, I think that that one is from Belarus. Correct me if I'm wrong. Very nice coin either way!


Level 3

No, this coin is really from Russia. This is one Russian ruble. Commemorative coin based on Red book of endangered animals. Here is link: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Commemorative-Coins-Rubles-of-the-Russian-Federation-Red-Book-of-Russia-Wildlife-Animal-Flamingo/1113546_1636257185.html


Level 6

Very cool!

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