my new American type set

15 May 2022

Hi guys. Ive been doing this collection for two years now, and finally made a album for it! Its almost half full. Its from half cents,large cent,small cent,two cent,silver three cents,nickel three cent,half dime,dime,twenty cent peace,quarters,half dollars,and dollars. Its no little thing. The twenty cent peace is about $95 and there are some that are harder to find. Please click the bottom for more detail on some coins in this collection



Level 6

Really nice collection you have! ; )


Level 4

Some nice cent pieces. Definitely consider posting pictures of some of the other coins in your album. Thanks for sharing.

AC coin$

Level 6

Nice coins collection .


Level 4

Nice coins!


Level 5

Nice! That’s a great start!


Level 4

you should post pictures of all of them!!

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