04 Sep 2014

Coin Grading professionally


I have interest in the field of coin grading and pursuing a better education in coin collecting other than what I have learned for the years I have been interested in our hobby.
I have heard a lot of different stories from reading about it. Everything from "It's a really good thing to get into if you love the hobby", to "It is labor intensive grind that if knowing what one was getting into they would not have made the commitment". 
As I get older and my mobility is not what it used to be, mechanical contracting taking its toll on my carcass, I turned to my favorite hobby to offer me a different direction to help me support my lifestyle. "Do something you love, right"?
So I ask those of you who are actually graders for NGC, or other, your opinion of the profession, the pitfalls of entering into this realm, the pros and cons of your experiences and whether or not there is a market for more graders, and of course if there is any money to be made in going after this. (Dont get me wrong, I am not thinking doing this would make me a rich man but I would like to enhance my life with a few extra bucks and doing what I enjoy with time away from my duties at work and possibly carry this on into retirement one day).
I am interested in the classes offered by ANA whether or not I do decide to pursue the grading avenue as I will enjoy learning as much as I can about the Hobby of Kings.
Thank you all in advance for your input.



Level 5

I am unfamiliar with the operations. I am sure it is a guarded secret.


Level 5

Hi, I am currently taking the ANA classes through corespondence. I am learning a lot and recommend them. It's a good way to start.


Level 2

Longstrider> where or who did you get info on courses? I have many many many (guess you get the idea) books on grading and I'm really not bad but would like to take it farther. Pass on the info. Please. Thanks David


Level 5

Well, I did not know that NGC only has 30 full time graders. I thought there would be many more. Do they have a part time staff that they rely heavily on perhaps?

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