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10 Jul 2021

I'm Back!

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Hi everyone. I haven't been on ANA for 2 weeks because I went away to sleepaway camp. I forgot to tell everyone that. But I'm back. I might not be on that much in the summer. And I forget how to make forums. How do you do that again?



Level 3

Welcome back


Level 5

Welcome back. How was camp? Should tell us the inside scoop on what happened and what you did!

Camp was really fun. I got to shoot shotguns at clay pigeons (clay targets) and shot 8 out of 12 of them out of the air. There was a lot of other stuff. I also went wakeboarding for the first time and stood up on the first try!


Level 6

What Kepi says then go down to "view forum" on the right side. From there go down to "New Thread' on the left. Now have at it.


Level 6

Camp sounds like fun! For a Forum go to "Community" on the tool bar. Scroll down to "Member Forum".

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