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25 Dec 2017

12 Days of coins

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On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

12 Anthony dollars
11 Statehood quarters
10 one-ounce silver eagles
9 silver Kennedys
8 junk box coppers
7 Mint errors
6 War nickels
5 golden Presidential dollars...
4 Seated coins
3 French francs
2 modern commems
And a copy of the newest Mega Red!

Happy holidays to all!



Level 4

heheheheheeeee - that was really cool - Merry Christmas everyone & Happy New Year !


Level 5

I love it! Thanks for posting.


Level 6

Enjoyed it! Very clever!


Level 7

Very well done. I enjoyed it. It's nice to dream.


Level 5

Enjoyed it very much


Level 5

Very nice. The possibilities are endless.


Level 6

Nice rendition!! Merry Christmas..

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