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22 Sep 2018

70 to 100?

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What's this I hear...a new grading system that uses a scale of 1 to 100?
Grading has been called an art and not a science. Grading coins has undergone many changes over the years, just in my own collecting experience. I remember the Brown & Dunn guide, that used drawings. In 1970, Photograde was released, to much fanfare. There have been additional guides since that time, and standards have changed too. Professional grading has been around for 30 years now.
It's a complicated system as it is, with the scale of 1-70. What is the difference between a Ms-62 and 63? How much does strike, toning, or abuses count? Toning can cover a multitude of sins. Would an expanded scale make things easier or more complicated? I think the answer is obvious.
The 1-70 system was originally devised for large cents as a way to figure value. Check Penny Whimsy. Grading will probably always be subjective and filled with discussion. I don't think a 1-100 scale is the answer.



Level 6

This sounds ridiculous. Just keep grading the way it is. It all comes down to more cost to us...more money for the grading companies. Enjoyed the blog! Thanks! ; )


Level 4

This is not good. Sure, the current system might not be the easiest or the best in any way, but it's the way it is and it's the way it has been. People new to the hobby learn the scale. Veteran collectors are used to the scale. We would have to learn an entirely new system of grading, which doesn't seem to be any type of improvement. It was also force people to get coins re-graded due to the change. If this changes, I will create my own grading company that will stay on the 1-70 scale. That just goes to show how much I disagree with this new system. I was unaware this was in any way considered. This seems to be making most of the rest of you also upset.

Reminds me of when the record industry stopped making vinyl and everyone had to switch (or I mean BUY) everything they already had in CD format. While 70 is an odd number to stop at, it works and has been working just fine.


Level 6

Sorry but I have more to rant, I mean say. When the ANA was grading at the start of third party grading, they graded both sides of the coin. You got a photo of both sides with their grade on a certificate. That was pretty nice. How about they tell us why the coin got it's grade? I dread what I believe we are headed for, A.I. computer grading. Some smart Y.N. will write some algorithms, and that will be that. I bet NGC still will take 5 weeks to return a coin!!


Level 6

It would create a big problem if the grading system is change. Is it just for the money? Regrading and all.

Yeah, I have heard this, and unless they give out free holder changes, which they won't this will be a disaster.


Level 4

I haven’t been keeping up lately, but haven’t they been talking about a 100 scale for a while? Needless to say it would give the lie to the whole certified grading theory, that you can trust a certification. And don’t get me started on CAC...

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I would keep the 70 point scale. You must have watched the newest coinweek podcast.


Level 6

That is just ridiculous. Why stop at 100? I have a good idea. How about we stick to the 70 point scale but stop grading "Market Value". Lets go back to "Technical" grading. Everybody can see how a coin deserves it's grade then. No more "+" or stars for eye appeal. Since I'm on a rant, why do we need companies like CAC to grade the graders? Since we do have CAC why can't I send a coin in?? Only special dealers$$$$. Thanks!


Level 7

This is also out of control. What happens to all the old grades ? Does 70 become 100? This does not make sense. If it's not broke don't fix it. It doesn't make sense at all. Values will change think of everything that has to be done. Do we send all our slabs back. Please don't do this it will cause more problems than you can think of. One book for old grades another for new ones what will MS 86 mean. It's just nuts. There out of control. I will not send anything in . I will keep them in a flip. If we do that this won't get started.

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