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02 Dec 2016

A great Christmas gift

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I was inspired when I was on Twitter yesterday. Two beautiful photos of 1881-S Morgan dollars were posted. As a longtime Morgan dollar fan, I know this particular coin is one of the most attractive in the set. Strike is good, eye appeal is usually high. Many are available in Mint State. It's not an expensive rarity. It's an old fashioned silver dollar, over 130 years old.
This coin would be a nice Christmas gift for a collector or a non-collector. Anyone interested in coins appreciates a lovely Morgan dollar. Anyone not interested in coins may be attracted by its weight, its Liberty head design, and the fact that this legal tender coin is 90% silver. History buffs may enjoy a silver dollar, and it has that San Francisco mint mark. The S MInt continues to this day, although we will never see circulating silver dollars again!
A 1881-S silver dollar makes a memorable Christmas gift.



Level 5

Yes, those are beautiful date coins from San Fran. Better to give than to receive :)


Level 5

The 1881-S Morgan Dollar is the first coin I purchased when I started collecting coins more than 40 years ago. I was amazed that I could purchase it in uncirculated proof-like condition for just $12!I still own this coin today.


Level 6

1881-S always comes nice. 1880-S does too. Still, price isn't too painful, so it's a good gift.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Great blog. Very funny replies, too.

I'm not much of a Morgan fan, but those sound like some nice 1881-S silver dollars. I wish I could see the pictures you saw.


Level 6

Pics were on Twitter, posted by PCGS. Beautiful even in photos!


Level 5

I'm with Longstrider. Can you email my wife some ideas?


Level 7

I would love a Christmas gift like that! Who wouldn't? Thanks for taking the time good story.


Level 6

I hope my wife sees your blog!! Thanks

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