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06 Jan 2018

Anniversary date

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Today is a special day for me. If I could pick one specific day when I became interested in coins, it would be January 6.
A few weeks after Christmas. I was home sick from school. Grandma had given me two silver dollars. One was a 1921 Morgan, the other, a 1922 Peace. Only one year apart, but they were so different. The Liberty heads, the hair, the headpiece, the eagles. These were large 90% silver coins. Clad coins had been around a while, but a few silver coins were still seen.
I was fascinated by these two coins and wanted to learn more. I decided to do that. Reading books, finding coin papers and magazines, looking at local coin shops--and there were a good number back then--and just learning all I could. And checking my change.
I won't mention the year, but it was a long time ago. That interest is still there, stronger than ever. And there is still a lot to learn and discover.



Level 3

I collected coins without realizing I was collecting. I only recently became aware of this whole new world. That is cool that you have such a fond memory of when you started.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i dont know the exact date but when i became interested it was through finding an Ike dollar (not as stunning as a peace or morgan) but great nevertheless


Level 5

Nice story. I don't have any dates, although I used to get silver dollars on my birthday when I was young. I guess that makes my birthday an important numismatic day for me.

Nice story. Like love, it seems you always remember your first coin.


Level 6

My Grandpa started me with coin collecting as a kid, as to the exact date, who knows, but that's okay by me as long as it remains a great memory with my Grandpa!

Interesting story. Thanks for sharing!


Level 7

Everyday is a new venture for me in this hobby. If I learn something today or tomorrow it doesn't matter the fire still burns. Sorry about the pun. Mike


Level 5

I find it interesting you pick remember the day you started collecting.


Level 6

I'm so happy for you. I wish I could remember the day that vividly. It does involve my Grandma and Grandpa's gifts. It is tremendous that you still have the burning in your heart for numismatics. Good for you!!

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