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05 May 2017

Coin premiums

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My favorite bookstore is relocating in the next month or so. I dropped in the other day and had a nice chat with the owner. He plans opening day festivities,  including appearances by local authors. He asked yours truly to take part. Of course I agreed!
When authors have booksignings, panels, or other events with readers, premiums or giveaways are often part of it. I had a booksigning when "Concord" was released. I gave away 2009 cents with the Capitol reverse. My heroine travels to DC in 1862, and this is how the building would have looked.
My novel "Run to You" featured a hockey player hero. I had a raffle for a 1993 Canadian Stanley Cup silver dollar.
The 1873-S Seated dollar is the star of my novel "Wild World." I'm looking for a copy of this coin to give away at my next event. I see ads for copies of famous rarities, but I'm still looking for this one. Hope to find one by the time the bookstore opens!



Level 5

Sounds like you will have a great time. Enjoy all it has to offer.

I hope you find that coin for your appearance, it will make for a very exciting event for the lucky winner.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thats great


Level 4

it is great to hear that there are a few local book stores left out there - of course it is awesome that you are a local author resource for that shop too - Great relationship


Level 6

Bookstore??? What's that. They have all gone extinct around me. Congratulations. I wish you all the best. I hope to read one of your books someday. Wish I could be there..


Level 5

Enjoyed the blog! Bookstores can be like a friend.


Level 7

Well congratulations to you. I'm very happy for you the book sounds great. I hope the line is around the block.

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