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09 Dec 2016

Gift ideas

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Not sure what to get someone, a special person or the one who's hard to buy for? Consider a numismatic gift.
Everyone likes real silver and real gold. A one ounce silver Eagle by itself makes a great gift. If your budget allows, there are gold Eagles in one ounce and fractional sizes. There's the .999 gold Buffalo. There are platinum Eagles too. One of these bullion pieces can be mounted and worn as a pendant. A gift of precious metal won't soon be forgotten.
A young collector can get started on a new interest with a bag of world coins and a guidebook to help identify them. Maybe a roll of dateless Buffalo nickels and a bottle of date restorer. Maybe a few obsolete coins, such as Indian cents or Liberty nickels. Maybe an obsolete denomination, such as a three-cent or two-cent piece. The history lover on your list may like a two-cent coin, the first to bear the motto In God We Trust. A beautiful old-fashioned silver dollar makes a great gift; maybe an 1881-S, as this date is readily available, has a good strike and lots of eye appeal, and is not rare and expensive.
If someone is already a collector, use your imagination. I liked the 1948-dated Franklin halves when I was young. My father gave me a small box filled with 1948-P and D Franklins. Many were worn, but that was fine--they did the job they were meant to do. A local coin shop once had a box of mixed-date Mercury dimes in the window. Looking through this box kept a gift recipient busy for days--not just a present to unwrap and forget.
A proof or Mint set of a special year always makes a nice gift. A set of War nickels, or a modern commemorative, is a wonderful gift for a veteran.
Look through "junk boxes" for engraved love tokens. You may find one with the right initials. At a major show, I found a coin engraved "Mother." What a perfect gift! Another time, I found a dime with a friend's initials and gave it to him. He was an athlete and kept the coin in his locker for good luck.
If a friend is a cat lover, find a coin depicting a cat. If your neighbor is religious, maybe a coin or two from the Vatican would make a memorable gift. If a co-worker is Irish, get a set of Irish coins. The possibilities are endless!
Gifts of coins are meaningful and will be remembered long after the New Year begins.


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i gave one of my philippino friends an old philippine coin i found many options for gifts

"SUN", That's a great idea for kids! My Dad said he just saw some at the store. I wish someone in my family had the money to give away gold coins. They would be my favorite family member!

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

It's a good gift idea for sure for the right person. And if one is giving away Morgan Silver Dollars or a box of Franklin halves, I am sure that would bring huge smiles for the holiday. I usually get confused looks from my non coin collecting friends when I give them a numismatic present.


Level 6

I just bought some chocolate coins to put in the grandkids stockings.


Level 7

It's a very good idea. As long as you remain in your budget. I'm sure the person you give a coin to would have alot of questions if they don't collect. So put a piece of history In the card. Just a recommendation. Hopefully they'll start to collect. Great blog better idea you had. Getting people interested in coins. Thank you for you time and ideas. Mike

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