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11 Jul 2017

Great gift...for yourself

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You have to be good to yourself too. Buy yourself a present sometime. Maybe a new reference book, a nice coin, or a small hoard of coins.
While browsing in the coin shop's window one day, I spotted a cardboard box of Mercury dimes. At first glance, the coins looked to be in better than average condition. I was not able to discern the dates on most of them, looking through the window, but I assumed most were of the 1941-45 years. Some were bright. I thought I saw faint luster on one or two.
The box was maybe 7 inches by 3 inches by 3 inches deep, so it held a good number of dimes. Wouldn't that be fun to look through, for perhaps a special date, or an overdate? And even if they were all common, they were all 90% silver. Mercury dimes are one of the most popular and attractive series. And varieties? Remember the 1945 Micro S? It was obvious even without a magnifier.
That box of Mercury dimes would have made a wonderful gift. Wish I would have bought it!



Level 5

You have mention one of the many thinks that "your money" is for. Often overlooks but still, it is important to spend on yourself.


Level 6

I think that's a great idea. I , more than I should, do so. I do find that I enjoy it more if I'm buying a surprise for my wife. I know, Gack!!! but it's true. She only has a half dozen Mercury Dimes to fill her book. I do have my eye on a couple of coins for me! Thanks!! I wish you bought that box!! Maybe next time.


Level 7

Every Christmas I treat myself to a coin or token I want. My bank has a Christmas club. Every month so much goes into it and in November they transfer to your checking account. My wife has hers and we've been doing it for years. Never ran short at Christmas. So I pick something for me since my family doesn't know what I like. I buy the coin or token and give the rest to my wife. I get my gift and she's very happy. Thanks Mike.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

it is a good idea to get yourself presents every once in a while

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