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02 Apr 2018

Happy birthday, US Mint!

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Today is the 226th birthday of the US Mint. How many beautiful, and not so beautiful, coins have been minted since then? How many different denominations and design types? 
The 1792 issues are quaint and historical. The half disme has its own story and myths behind it. The silver center cent gets my vote as having the least attractive Liberty ever, but who wouldn't appreciate this coin for what it is?
Small eagles, draped busts and capped busts, varieties and arrows and overdates. Half cents, 20c coins, 2c and 3c coins.
Modern issues, Lincoln and Kennedy and Ike. All those commems. Design changes, metallic changes.
Collector issues, proof sets, mint sets, enhanced and revere proof. Bullion pieces.
Collectors, numismatists, take a minute to consider the many Mint products over the past 226 years. Quite a body of work, massive, with so much history, legal issues, and some interesting tales too.
Happy birthday, US Mint!



Level 4


coin collector

Level 4

226 years is a long time, I like mercury dimes mostly.


Level 6

I see to like less and less for our Mint...unfortunately. I think we could do much better.


Level 6

Thanks for the reminder. They are sure putting out a ton of commems. now.


Level 5

There is getting less and less of the things I like from the Mint. I still like mint and proof sets.


Level 5

I don't like everything the mint puts out but I would not to be the one in charge of making sure everyone is happy with a particular product.


Level 7

I do like some things at the mint. But we have to remember they make our coinage. And all the workers there deserve a piece of the cake. I wonder the total number of coins put out at all the mints since they opened. Thanks food for thought..Mike

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