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01 Sep 2017

Just an ordinary coin

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I found a beat up one-cent coin on the street today, on the way to the book store.
This coin had seen better days. I could see the Lincoln Memorial on the reverse, and Lincoln on the obverse. The coin had obviously been run over by vehicles many times. It was chipped and scuffed and dirty. The date was not readable.
I thought of how many special coins were pulled from circulation over the years and placed in albums. Some were blazing mint state. Some older wheat cents showed good honest wear. And there were rarities that were saved and prized for decades, passing from one collector to another.
But this coin got out into circulation, passed through many hands, and did the job it was made to do. That's what most coins do.
I tossed it into a fountain and made a wish.



Level 6

I always pick up coins. I'm not proud!! Thanks!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

there are billions upon billions of coins and only a small percentage go into collections most are used by every day people


Level 6

I always pick up change on the ground, etc... You never know what it might be!


Level 4

I pick up any coin I see, if it is a cent with the memorial on the back, I keep it, if it is a cent with a shield, I don't. :) Any National Park quarters I trade with my mom (she collects them), etc. :) Who knows? Maybe someday I'll just happen to pick up a coin on the sidewalk and it'll be a 1955 DD cent, or a cheerios Sacajawea dollar........... :)


Level 7

When I was able to get out I picked up everything and I kept it. We dis something besides the salvation army. Halloween. The kids love money more than candy. Who wouldn't. Thanks for some good memories. Mike.


Level 5

Any money I find goes into a special bank, and then it is emptied into the Salvation Army's red kettle at Christmas time.


Level 5

I like to keep track of the amount of coins I find each year. Usually around $20. Occasionally one will make it into my collection!! (But usually not)

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