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07 Aug 2018

Just my type

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My last bookstore day, I found a copy of Dave Bowers' Red Book of US Type coins.
I've always been a big fan of type collecting. A more historical set cannot be found. Such a set shows the mintage history of the United States, whether it's a 20th Century set, a bigger set, or the deluxe going back to 1793.
A collector can learn so much about behind the scenes at the Mint...sculptors, designers, their other works, metals and materials.
New interests can be found. A newbie may have not known there were nickel 3c coins, but one is needed for a type set. Here's an unusual collecting specialty, and not a difficult set to build. There are 2c coins, and other different denominations.
Type sets are not a matter of filling in holes. A collector can start the set with the early 20th Century, 19th Century, 1793, or whatever year desired. Subtle varieties may or may not be included. Each coin can be dated the first year of issue, the most common, a proof, a variety, an overdate...whatever the collector wants!
Type sets are beautiful, historical, and can be put together any way the collector wants...and a lot can be learned in the process. 



Level 6

Great ways of showing all the different ways to collect! Great blog!

I would love to have a type set, that is what I am working towards now, minus the gold pieces. I cannot find that book anywhere.


Level 5

I guess I am a type collector of sorts. Date runs of the same coin don't do anything for me.


Level 5

I am from my youth a type coin collector. For me it's the variety that draws me to type collecting with different designs.


Level 4

I love my type set! Not a more interesting, diverse set out there! ~Matt

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I am currently working on my own US Type set. It's nice to have a coin of each design.


Level 7

With a collection of books like that there is not much more you would need . There interesting to sync the least. And what more can you say about the author. Thanks


Level 6

It is great that you find coin books at the bookstore. I reading one of QDB's book now. I re-read them every few year. Great information.


Level 6

That is a very nice way to collect. As you state, it can be anything the collector wants. Thanks and good book pick-up.

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