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02 Sep 2018

Keep searching

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Ever since I began collecting, over fifty years ago, I have checked every coin that passes through my hands. Back in the day I found Buffalo nickels, Mercury dimes, plenty of silver, and even a few goodies. I found a 1932-D quarter and a 1950-D nickel on separate occasions.
In recent times, there can still be finds, especially for those interested in errors and varieties. Roll hunting can yield remarkable results.
Lately, I haven't found much that is interesting. There was that beat up old 1941 cent a few weeks ago. But nary a wheat cent or even a 2009 variety. Lots of common coins, to be expected, but I haven't found many new National Parks quarters. I haven't seen that many nickels and dimes of the current year. Just lots of everyday stuff.
The answer is to keep searching. Don't stop looking. That next handful of change may hold something unusual. Or the next. Or the one after that.
There are still treasures to be found. Never stop looking, collectors. And who knows, you might discover the next double die or scarce variety.


Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I have found some older coins, but never anything particularly valuable.


Level 6

Good advice. Also, every should enjoy the hobby. Great way to relieve stress.


Level 6

I love to go thru misc. coin change too. You never know what you might find. Bank boxes are fun also, especially the older looking rolls. It's all good!


Level 6

I'm a "never give up" roll hunter. I find it very relaxing. I'm looking forward to the cool fall months and cold winter. That is when I really get into it. A bank box of cents and my Cherry Pickers Guide and I'm happy. Good luck!

I have yet to find the Denver national park quarters for 2017, and 2018 in circulation. It must be because of my location


Level 7

There are plenty of ways to roll coins. I go to eBay and look at what there selling. Most aren't collectors and I have picked up four coins that the seller has no idea what he is selling. That's his or her fault. I just buy what I like. You would be surprised at how many so called collectors sell doubled dies and other varieties. Try it once in a while. Thanks for the information the fun is in the hunt and getting back at some of these thieves. Mike

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