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19 Sep 2018

Never give up

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A recent cool find on bookstore day was a book on the discovery of Pluto. "Out of the Darkness, the Planet Pluto" by Clyde Tombaugh, the man who discovered this small body. There's plenty of photos and details...lots of details...The book contains photos of star fields covered with tiny points of light. Tombaugh studied these phots in detail to find movement, which would mean a new planet. And one day in 1930, he found Pluto. Pluto is no longer considered a planet, but its story is still fascinating. A recent space probe mapped this small body and its moons.
The tale of Tombaugh and his determination to find that one planet can be applied to numismatics. Study coins in detail. Check every bit of change that comes your way. Take out that magnifier and use it. And maybe one day, you will discover that special coin, that new double die, that rare variety, or something entirely new. You gotta keep on looking, night after night, and never give up!



Level 4

Great post! Pluto actually happens to be my favorite "planet." I've never been lucky enough to find anything amazing looking through coins, but I definitely have found quite a few that are worth more than face :)


Level 4

Thoughtful post, CoinLady. I found out from dumping a bunch of loose change in a Coin Star machine recently that I don’t pay close enough attention to my pocket change - the machine rejected two silver Roosevelt dimes (its loss, my gain). It renewed my hunt. Thanks for the encouragement! Jim


Level 6

I have found silver coins in CoinStar machines. Once I found a Mercury dime.


Level 6

Always keep looking. Fun Blog. Thanks!


Level 6

I'm a convicted coin roll hunter..Like the Lady says;"Never Give Up!"

I love to get a nice box of pennies every week to see what I find, and you are right, maybe one day you will pass along something new and valuable to add to your collection.


Level 7

I always do. Even the ones in the couch. Here's a good one. An old piggy bank. Some old coins in there all types. Thanks Mike.

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