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02 May 2017

Rarities I have known, Part 2

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If the 1804 dollar is considered to be the "King of American coins," would the 1913 Liberty nickel be called the Prince? Probably the second most famous coin rarity, the 1913 Liberty nickel has fascinated collectors for nearly 100 years. Even though it was not a circulating coin--like the 1804 dollar--it's been desirable, and attracts attention whenever it comes up for sale.
I have seen all five specimens. One was unaccounted for, for many years. A coin dealer offered a reward just if he could see it, and know it was still around. The publicity brought forth the idea that all of the known specimens be displayed at a World's Fair of Money. There was the Smithsonian coin, the Money Museum coin, one owned by a collector and another being offered for sale. Yes, the fifth coin came out of hiding. The family who owned it kept it in a closet for years, believing it was not genuine.
All five coins were displayed in a special exhibit at the convention. I went to view the coins as soon as I entered, and found a long line. I went back a second time. The long lines continued for much of the weekend.
I saw all five 1913 Liberty nickels at the same time. Now that's once in a collecting lifetime.



Level 5

Lucky you to be able to see so many rare coins in person. Thanks for the story.

I like the idea of the 1913 Liberty nickel being the "Prince" of coins. I've studied about it and even wrote an article about it on my blog. Thanks for sharing!

That maybe once in a forever time. With two in private hands they may never all be in one place at one time again. So awesome that you got to be there for that.


Level 6

I saw a great show featuring all the "experts" examining that coin the family had. First it was deemed fake. Later it somehow became original... Thanks for the great blog!

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

I got to see that nickel once at a World's Fair of Money. Nice reading, CoinLady.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is another wonder piece weather or not it is considered a genuine piece it still holds a piece of history that is very interesting


Level 4

what year was that fair that had all five displayed @ the same time ?


Level 6

I believe it was Baltimore, 2003. I'll check to be sure.


Level 7

Well I will not comment on this . I investigated for more years than I can count. Thank you. Mike

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