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21 Oct 2018

Stick around

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Why don't more women become involved in numismatics? Rather, why don't more women stick with the hobby?
Recently, The Numismatist ran an article on Young Numismatists and how involved they are now. I read this article with much interest, as I hear about the need for more young people to become numismatists. There were a number of young women mentioned in the article. None is still involved in the hobby. Many of the young men still are collectors.
What makes a young woman get interested in coins and then give it up? I became a coin person when I was 11 years old. Grandma gave me two silver dollars, 1921 and 1922. Two very different designs, but only one year apart. This began a lifelong interest. 
Also, I see that many women who are involved in the hobby became interested because of a father, grandfather, or other male relative in the business. Rarely do I hear of a woman who got into coins on her own, like me.
Yes, I have had my share of ups and downs. I met dealers who could not believe that a female would really be interested in coins. They would talk down to me and a few outright refused to sell me coins. There was the dealer I phoned who asked me questions about my looks and personal life. I will say that the vast majority treated me well and with respect. One in particular greatly encouraged me even when I was young.
I'd love to see more women involved in this wonderful hobby. And stick with it.



Level 5

I'd like to see a Lady elected to the ANA board of governors. There is currently an African-American on the board and I'd love to see him joined by a lady. My personal suggestion would be the Penny Lady, Charmy Harker but when I suggested it in a blog she authored she declined. Still maybe someone from within the WIN (Women in Numismatics) organization may eventually become a governor.


Level 6

The President of our Western Pennsylvania Numismatic Society is a wonderful lady named Corleen. We also have other female members in the club and it is always a pleasure when Ladies come to the meetings. I was also heartened by the number of young girls that participated in the YN activities at the May PAN show. They were sorting through Cents and bidding on lots and generally having a wonderful time. Young men outnumbered them but we still had a very good turnout of young ladies too. So CoinLady, they are coming and coming strong.

The little time I have been collector, and the many shows I have seen, I rarely see any other demographics other than white males. I believe this to be because of numismatic origins, for wealthy individuals would only collect coins, and being as though for much of history women were not allowed to own property, collecting coins seems as though it could only be for men. Increasing collecting another demographics would be another great addition to the hobby, and for joke, I will say there are more women in numismatics than men, just take a look at the coins in your collections.


Level 6

Great incite full blog. I don't have an answer. Mike makes a great point also. My wife is a numismatist so I guess we are doing our part. Makes for fun coin shows. Thanks.


Level 5

I think more women would make the hobby better.


Level 4

I love collecting coins, and I plan to stick with it. What edition was the article about the YNs in? If you don't mind me asking. :)


Level 4

It is a hobby for everyone and women once they get involved always surpass us. We have one in our Florida Club that is an example in dedication and knowledge.


Level 7

I don't have the answer. Maybe the mints special set on cancer will help. But it's not just woman . Many races of people are not involved. That bothers me also. I have no answer for them either. Just open any magazine and look at who's not in the picture. I had to say it what's fair is fare. I bet the percentages are low in alot of different groups of people. Thanks for very important blog. Mike.

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