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12 Sep 2018

Ship of dreams

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I even dream about coins. Dreamed I had a choice of two beautiful Canada silver dollars. One was a 1949. The Newfoundland commem, with Cabot's ship, the Matthew. Unmistakably mint state. Shimmering mint luster, ship in all detail including the sails. No nicks, no spots.

27 Jun 2017

Nice premium

Coins-World | CoinLady

As a writer, I attend book signings and other events. Sometimes I offer a giveaway item. Bookmarks and book business cards are common. But writers must get a little creative in order to stand out.

06 Feb 2017

Football coins 2.0

Coins | CoinLady

The day after the Super Bowl, I recall the new football coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. Struck in .999 silver and .999 gold, the coins are shaped like footballs. The silver has a face value of $25 and the gold, $200. Coins are dated 2017. They are attractive looking and certainly look like prolate spheroids!

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