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17 Nov 2017

I know it's special

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Some years ago, I attended a World's Fair of Money that featured many special exhibits. Besides the usual array of wonderful collector exhibits, some coins that weren't seen often were displayed. This was the show where the ten 1933 double eagles were shown. There were long lines to see these coins from the time I walked in the door.

04 Aug 2017

Inspired at WFM

World's Fair of Money | CoinLady

If a collector isn't inspired at the World's Fair of Money, where could they be? A few years ago, the WFM featured a displayif the first double eagle, the unique 1849. Next to it was the famous 1933. There were the first and last issues of $20 gold.

06 Jan 2017

Favorite article

Coins-United States | CoinLady

Back in 2011, the WFM had a display of double eagles. The unique first year coin, 1849, was there, along with the famous final issue, 1933. I made a point of visiting this display more than once. While chattingwith Dave Harper, I got the idea to write of double eagles, especially the rare later date coins. Two weeks later, I broke my knee in an accident and had some time off to write. Mother stayed with me to help. She was putting away groceries when she injured her back. A strange series of events led to her stay in a nursing home for seven weeks.

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