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04 Oct 2017

That first gold coin

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The first gold coin I ever owned was a 1908 half eagle. It cost all of $25.
A common date in the series, this coin sparkled with warm luster. Every detail was there...the hair lines, eagle feathers. It was that golden yellow color seen on Philadelphia Mint gold coins. And it was heavy! When I picked it up, I was surprised at its weight.
It was a genuine gold coin, face value five dollars, that had been kept and cared for during its long coin life. And now it was my turn to take care of it until the next owner took over. 
I'd been collecting for a little over a year, and I was still learning that there were different denominations, designs, conditions. That five-dollar gold piece was a special coin and very special to me.



Level 5

My first gold purchase as a teenager in the early to middle 70's was an 1881 half-eagle that I purchased for $105. I still own that coin today and had it graded about 10-11 years ago at MS-62. I don't have plans to sell it any time soon and it will likely go into my estate. It still has huge sentimental value.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is a great price for a half eagle. i my self cant afford any gold coins but have some gold flakes though. if i could get a half eagle for that much i would think twice


Level 6

The first gold coin that I purchased was a 1927 South African One Dollar Gold Sovereign. It was bought raw at an auction and I sent it in to get graded...MS64! I was really pleased! Great memory!


Level 6

The only gold I have, is a prize from a raffle at a coin show. $5 gold 1897 AU58

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thats amazing


Level 6

Thanks for sharing your memories. My first gold was a Raw 2 1/2 dollar Indian. I sent it in to be graded. Talk about nervous. All was hoping for was no problems like cleaned. It came back a solid AU. I love that coin... Thanks again!!


Level 7

Thank you. Another memory brought back. I was never a gold buyer. On disability it's a little hard. But years ago i did buy a one tenth ounce of gold to own. I like gold wish I could oun more. It's still here. And always will be. Thank you again Mike.

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