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21 Dec 2016

The most unloved coin

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The title of "America's most unloved coin" has a few contenders. The Susan B. Anthony dollar, unused in commerce, with an unattractive design. The twenty-cent piece, resembling a quarter, only minted for a few years. But my nominee is the Trade dollar.
Trade dollars were minted to compete with dollar-sized coins from other countries, an experiment that failed. Many of those that circulated were chopmarked. This is the only U.S. coin that was demonetized; they were available for less than a dollar at one time. These coins will never be number one on the collecting hit parade. Most people don't even realize they exist.
When speaking of "Liberty Seated" coins, most collectors think of the famous Gobrecht design, used for over fifty years. The Trade dollar design is a Seated design. It is not unattractive. And for the numismatist who want something really different--and rare--many pattern Trade dollars were struck.
Trade dollars make a lovely collection. I once saw a set of proof Trade dollars, in a custom-made holder, change hands at a major show. If you stick to mint state, there are varieties and even Carson City issues to keep you looking.
Trade dollars...unwanted, unloved...but worthy of attention.



Level 5

Each person decides what they like and what to collect. You just never know what will strike someone's fancy.


Level 7

I like trade dollars. There just not in my budget to collect a number of them. So known two and I am happy with them. My big set. As long as I enjoy them.


Level 5

All our coins regardless of design are of historical significance. Beauty, on the other hand is in the eye of the beholder. That said, before the SBA Dollar entered circulation a new rendition of the Liberty Flowing Hair design was considered for the new smaller dollar coin. Due to political interests, this was rejected in favor of the SBA design. Personally, I liked the Flowing Hair design because it was based on classic images of Miss Liberty. Still, regardless of the design, I believe that the small dollar as struck in 1979 was doomed to failure regardless of the design. It is unfortunate that the SBA dollar both failed to circulate in commerce and that many people consider it ugly.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

I do not like the designs of either Susan B. Anthony dollars or the Liberty "V" nickel. Although I do accept them as worthy sights along the long road that is American numismatics. Still, Ms. Anthony got short changed, she deserved better.

Even in circulated condition, the Seated series has a certain dignity. For the real "but her sorority sisters like her" in circulated condition, you can't beat the Barber dime. As a YN, before anyone know what a YN was, I put together a decent set of Barber Dimes out of circulation. (Does that date me? Nah - I wouldn't think so)


Level 6

I happen to love Trade Dollars : ) Especially their history. My vote goes to the Susan B. Anthony Dollar. No offense towards Ms. Anthony, but that's one ugly coin!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i have always wanted to get my hands on a trade dollar and a 20 cent piece. i have always loved their uniqueness (because of the few years they were minted) very interesting history behind these coins

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