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02 Jun 2017

There's nothing like it

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There is much talk about how the Internet has changed how people shop. That includes shopping for coins. You could just sit at your computer and find that coin you've been looking for. You can browse sites all day. But there's nothing like attending a real show, in person.
--for the interaction with real people in real time
--for the close up look at many exhibits, all in one section of the floor
--for the walking around and looking and spotting friends
--for the special displays of special coins
--for the chance you may find that special coin
--for checking out coins in person, with your magnifier
--for being in one busy place with people who share your love of numismatics!
I will keep attending as many shows as I can, in person, for all of the above reasons.



Level 4

Well, it is both sides of the coin here so to speak - I like both platforms - but I am more apt to buy from a live interaction myself


Level 5

I used to lived in an area that had coin clubs and coin shows, miss them greatly.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

The nearest WalMart is almost two hours away from my tiny town, and coin shows are that much further. I love the coin shows, and your blog says it well. But for some folks, the internet is a great and perhaps more viable alternative. Coin shows are great to see up close and personal rare and amazing coins, and for that, and the exhibits, they are worth attending whenever possible.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

shows are 100% better than online for sure


Level 5

Although I agree with you, there is a flip-side to the issue. some people, maybe most people, are slightly to very introverted. Many of those people don't like going to coin shows and club meetings because of the social interaction. They prefer the privacy of the internet. These folks would counter your seven points with --Not liking the interaction with others--The internet has many websites with more information than the exhibits--Friends, what friends?--Special coins can be seen on the internet--Coins can be checked out in the comfort of my home--Why take the security risk of bein in a busy place--and finally, save the travel cost and buy more coins. Don't get me wrong I agree with you but I know there are people who see this differently.


Level 7

And please write about it so those of us who can't go actually feel like we were there. It means a lot to us. You would be surprised at how many can't go. Yesterday I asked the ANA if they could look into a club were I live. They couldn't believe that such a large city didn't have one. So t her looking into it. Thanks again .mike

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