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21 Feb 2017

Treasures...not coins

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Monday is the day I visit book stores. As a writer, I always have projects in the works. Made a pretty good haul yesterday. My tote bag weighed almost 15 lbs!
One large store has a hobby section, with a few shelves devoted to coin books. I am often surprised by what I find.
Many Official Red Books were seen at this store, including Washington quarters, double eagles, gold dollars, Buffalo & Jefferson nickels. Volumes on world coins are here, paper money too. There is quite a selection of Red Books too, some going back to the 1970s. Basic hobby books are here, along with more detailed works, such as an older guide to pattern coins.
I've found some auction catalogs, too. Many of these are reference books in themselves.
Used book stores can be a goldmine for coin hobbyists who look and visit every few weeks.



Level 5

Good for you. A passion for all things Numismatic. That sounds like a wonderful store.

I live about six miles from one of the Leisure World communities. Because of the usually advanced age of the inhabitants, there is usually a consignment store in the area. While these are full of furniture and decorative items, you can often find books that many would think to be quite esoteric. While I have never found any books on coins, I did come across a great book on Netsuke and several on ancient art.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

books are always interesting and exciting to go through


Level 5

Any day is a good day for a book store. We have a local used book store that regularly has numismatic material. It's usually common stuff but every once in awhile I get lucky.


Level 6

What a great day! Book stores are the best...remember the "old" days when you could sit and even have coffee while perusing over the books. : )

Thanks for the tip about used book stores! I'll check out one or more of our local stores.


Level 6

Sounds like you got a good haul. Hard to find used or new book stores around me. I have only one and I'm happy to have it. Thanks!


Level 5

It sounds like you had a good day. It is always nice to add books to your library.


Level 7

Hi. Did you know that red books are collectables to? They have the price in the back. Sounds like a good book store. You must have picked up some real good ones. Good for you. I used t o love curling up to a good book. I really enjoyed it. Now I have to make adjustments. That's ok. Thanks for blog.


Level 6

Yes, indeed, Red Books are fine collectables. Wrote an article some yrs ago. At one time I had an almost complete run. I lacked only the 1st & 5th editions.

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