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12 Apr 2017

Underrated set

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Collecting out of circulation got a shot in the arm when the Statehood Quarters were introduced in 1999.  Putting a set together led to some new collectors discovering the long Washington quarter series. But there is another long series--over 70 years now--that can be fun to collect.
Roosevelt dimes were first minted in 1946, one year after the death of FDR. They are still being minted, with no changes in type or design. Most from 1965, if not all, can be found in circulation. Perhaps a family member has an accumulation of silver coins that may contain some of the silver issues.
Finding nice clads can be a challenge. Some of the dates do not show up with great frequency, so there is the thrill of the chase. The 1969 and 1973 coins come to mind. There is one collector-only issue, the 1996-W, minted at West Point.
Varieties can spice up this set, such as the 1982 no mintmark. I've heard of many of these showing up in change.
Beginning collectors, or older collectors who want to relive collecting from change, may do well to look at Roosevelt dimes.



Level 5

A set that does not break the bank!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i have had lots of fun collecting that set and have acquired the West point dime along with a few silver dimes. 2009 dimes are hard to come by and the only clads i am missing are 1989'd, 2009'd, and 2016'd.

I like Roosevelt dimes, but I haven't started collecting them. Thanks for the idea, suggestion and for sharing!


Level 6

I've often thought that this is a good set to start collecting now. Most are affordable still and how many more Mercury's are out there. 3 party companies are starting to attribute Full Torches now also. Thanks for the great blog.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Good ideas and informative history, too.


Level 5

Roosevelt dimes are a good set to collect for beginners, most coins are reasonable.


Level 5

FDR Dimes are a nice set for multi-generational collecting the kids can collect the clads and the parents/grandparents/aunts & Uncles can collect the silver. Then put both together for the good family memories.


Level 7

Not only underrated but a great set. I'm waiting for this year's silver proof set and mint set to come out. I have the proof set already. The luster when you open the book is great. And collecting a circulated set is not that hard at all. And it's fun. I'm 63 now and still love filling those pages. But your so right about being underrated. But I don't care I enjoy them. I have seen the on the market for a very nice price. Thanks for a good blog. Mike

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