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10 Mar 2017

Use your eyes, with help

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Collectors use their eyes so much. Besides examining coins, there are magazines and newspapers to read, auction catalogs, research. Many collectors, especially older people, wear glasses or some type of corrective lenses.
Has anyone else noticed the vast amount of optical aids used by collectors? Besides glasses or contact lenses for basic looking, there are pocket magnifiers, loupes, perhaps stronger optics. I once met a professional authenticator who told me he used a microscope in his work.
A good number of collectors, I discovered, are interested in astronomy/space science.  Naked eye observing is great, but an observed also uses binoculars and telescopes, which come in varieties. There are refracting and reflecting, Dobsonian and catadioptric. And those are just the ones I have known and used. These optics are used to look at planets millions of miles away, stars that are light years away, and distant galaxies.
Numismatists use optical aids to look at coins, large and small, for detailed work. Some may also use different optical aids to observe stars and planets. There is no end to the number of lenses and uses for a dedicated collector.



Level 5

8 X Loupe for grading and a 30 X loupe for details.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i have never been into astronomy/space science but i still love coin collecting and do wear contacts (that was before i started) and i have 2 loupes. lots of small details on coins to look at


Level 6

Good ideas! I like my loop and a hand held magnifier. Sometimes a microscope can come in handy as well.


Level 6

I have a low power microscope to really get in there. I mainly use it looking for VAM'S. For everyday use, I use a 3 way loupe. Thanks for your blog and ideas!


Level 7

Nice blog .I have used a microscope looking at coins till my son broke it. Cost four hundred d dollars. Now I stay with a loop. When my eyes get tired I stop. I can see what I need with my different loops and strengths. Thanks for the time and some ideas. Mike


Level 4

This is very true - I recently came into a magnifier with a built in light for close up work & an awesome par of anti-glare binoculars for far away work -

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