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07 Jun 2017

What's your story?

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Each collector has their own story about how they got started. What's your story?
My interest began when my grandmother gave me two silver dollars, 1921 Morgan and 1922 Peace. Did a relative give you an old, interesting coin for a special occasion?
Back when I began collecting, silver coins still circulated, along with clad coins, Buffalo nickels, wheat back cents and many other types of coins. Did you find a really old coin and wonder what it was? Perhaps a Buffalo nickel with the date worn off, or a Mercury dime, something different from the usual assortment of change?
Maybe you found an old piggy bank or purse with older coins. Some World War II issues may have been there, such as a few silver War nickels, or steel cents of 1943. Something different can stand out and pique your interest.
While watching the news, maybe you saw a story about a rare coin that sold for millions. Did that make you wonder what coins and numismatics were about, and how you could get involved?
Something as simple as saving Statehood quarters to make a set can start a lifetime hobby. After finding all the Statehood quarters, there were National Park quarters. Then the clad Washington quarters. Then the silver issues of 1941-1964. Then the older Washingtons. And then...
There as many ways to start collecting as there are collectors.


Pliny The Elder

Level 5

It is a long story for my serious collecting habits. As a child I collected a bit, but knew and learned nothing, even using ketchup to clean pennies. But many years later as an adult, I got injured once and was stuck at home and discovered ancient coins for sale on the computer, and I was hooked. I still flounder, in my opinion, as a serious collector. But I try to maintain a good collection that I enjoy very much.


Level 6

Same as you, Grandma and Grandpa.. I believe a lot of us got started this way. Thank you!!


Level 5

A fellow paper carrier got me checking the coins when people paid for their newspapers, I was 10 years old.


Level 4

i started when i was about 8 years old - My Father & Grandfather both collected - They sold both their collections before I became an adult !!!!! - :( - sad face - but hey, my collection is my own creation & i sometimes pretend that the coin i am buying or finding, is one from their collections - So it is good - No rhyme or reason to the collection just whatever hit me - I got it - Started with each of the whiteman folders - Indians cents & wheat cents, buffalo & early jeffersons, mercury & early roosevelt dimes, washington quarters & franklin halves - anything remotely old was awesome & that was anything older than Dad - lol -


Level 7

My dream was always to be lucky and start young. Well it didn't happen. I started late in life. But I'm glad I got started. I did manage to catch up but I always think what my collection would be if I started when you did. Well mine is a long story so let's just say I am grateful I did get started. Now you have my dreams and memories. Mike

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i found a ike dollar at first i thought it was a half dollar but it was too big. i actually started with clad washingtons i wanted all of the dates and eventually the mint marks.

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