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30 Mar 2018

Window shopping

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Great day downtown. Weather behaved. Delicious lunch of salmon, served by my favorite waiter. And a trip to the coin shop.
The coin shop was closed! But that didn't stop me from window shopping. There was a nice selection of sets...proof sets, short sets of Mercury dimes and Buffalo nickels. A BU set of War nickels. And a complete set of Flying Eagle and Indian cents.
Every hole in the album was filled. The three Flying Eagle cents led off this set, all good-looking for their age. The copper-nickel Indian cents looked good from what I could see. These were not "average circulated" but above average, nice specimens with no discoloration and no damage. All bronze cents looked pretty, that rich brown color, nothing polished. The 1877 was in Good, a "nice for the grade" Good. Some of the 20th century coins had claims to higher grades.
This is a set to be proud of. A collector who has an interest in these coins could really enjoy this set. It could be kept as is, upgraded, or the basis of a new specialty. Hope it finds a good home!



Level 4

Never hurt to get out and look around for something new/old.

Sounds like a great day out.


Level 6

Sounds like a fantastic day.. How can he leave coins in his windows while closed?? I was hoping for more photos. Maybe next time. Thanks and Happy Easter..


Level 6

Sounds like a lovely day. What I would give too, for a coin shop near me. ( Less than 60 miles like it is now. ) ( One-Way )...... Salmon sounds delicious too! Thanks for a fun blog! Kepi


Level 7

Just one coin shop in my neighborhood that's all i want I would be in there everyday looking for something I want. Also things I don't want. We have one and he's a filthy man doesn't show coins Windows so dirty you couldn't see coins. He doesn't put them out you have to ask for them. He sells cleaner by the gallon. I want a nice clean store with an honest dealer. Thanks for a dream.

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