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28 Nov 2017

Worthwhile subject

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Two Moon was one of the three models for the Buffalo nickel. He was from the Territory of Montana, a Northern Cheyenne.
He fought at Little Bighorn and wrote his own account of the battle. He took part in Wild West shows in his later years, and also traveled to Washington DC to campaign for Native Americans' rights, including the right to citizenship.
He was one of three models for James Fraser's famous Buffalo nickel, first minted in 1913.
He is buried in Montana, near the Little Bighorn battlefield site.
There is not much written about this man, except a few mentions in books. Besides the obvious connection to numismatics, this man has a story well worth telling.
Two Moon's life would make a fascinating and thoughtful biography. Maybe someday, I will pursue this project.



Level 4

I would be interested to hear more of this man.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

a biography would be great, a character depicted on one of US's most iconic coin and a leading figure of the native americans. he sounds like quite a guy


Level 5

I love Buffalo nickels. I hand them out to YN's when I go to coin shows.


Level 6

The Buffalo Nickel is one of my favorites! You should pursue writing about this subject!


Level 6

Sounds like a good project for you.l


Level 6

He was indeed a great man. More needs to be written about him. Thanks!


Level 5

Now I need to go look up where by the battlefield he is buried. I spent an afternoon there a few years ago, first time in over 40 years.


Level 7

Thank you I wasn't sure we're he was buried. Are they still fighting over who the other two were. I know there were three Two Moon's was the only one they were certain of. Well it's a good blog now I have to look up the history and learn. Very well done. Thanks Mike.

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